The Slushy Sloshy

Cabin Crew '14 #blessed

Slushy Sloshy / Happy Endings / Cabin Crew ’14 #blessed

You know that feeling you get when you’ve planned a successful weekend trip and then you’re at work and the day just seems to drag on and you’re spiraling into a pit of sadness and channeling Jack from Lost (a.)? Well, that’s what I was dealing with earlier this week. It must be emotionally exhausting to be a full time weekend warrior (I’m more of a monthly per diem kind of guy), going through the huge ups of the seemingly too-short weekend and the deep lows of the Monday blues (though, if anything, it was more of a Monday navy).


As always, there are upsides, my friends. First, income is fuel. It allows us to do the things we love (and/or want to try out) with the people we love. Money may not directly buy happiness, but it doesn’t hurt. So, we begrudgingly go through our week, some of us less begrudgingly than others (after all, I do enjoy my jobs, though I do wish there were more hours in the day). We need the money to keep going. Back in my youth, I’d be able to have fun without spending a single dollar. My monthly budgets could easily be $0. Alas, I was also a child without access to the finer things in life (though I did have access to my parents’ wallets (shoutout to the real MVPs right there)). These days, it’s difficult, if not impossible, to go out and not spend a few bucks here and there. Wow, this definitely sounds like a personal challenge: go out and not spend any money (am I going to pack a sandwich and bring it to the bars?*).

Second (I almost forgot we were doing a list), and this is more of a caution, we must have something new to look forward to. As much of  a Type A I am (b.), I do enjoy planning things, having things to put on a calendar, and counting down the days until I can pack a bag and get away. And it’s never been for naught. A so-called “bad” trip can always instantly be negated by a positive attitude, rolling with the punches, and making the most of a situation (going on adventures, as I like to say). If all of that fails, it’ll make for a great story one day. At least I do have plenty to look forward to in the coming months.



Third, naturally, you can reminisce via social media. It’s one thing to have the memories in your head, but another to also see pictures and relive the good times as they roll. Thankfully, we had a lot of good phones, a selfie stick (so long), and a Go Pro. So there won’t be any shortage of memory. This may have the all-too-often side effect of Jack-from-Lost syndrome (see above), but it could help relieve the sorrow.

I feel better already!

The majesty of nature, we just had to stop and all take a pic. #nofilter

The majesty of nature, we all just had to stop and take a pic. #nofilter

This weekend, I went on an all-too-short trip to the mountains for my birthday (yes, rather early). It was intended to be a Mt. High snowboarding trip, but apparently the rain washed away all the snow (what?), which we found out a couple of days before, so we had to improvise. I had been planning for nearly two months, so it’s been a struggle of anticipation and preparation. And now that it’s over, it seems so long ago.

Anyhow, there wasn’t any snow anywhere, unfortunately. But it still felt wintry and festive. We found a wonderful, affordable cabin in the nice, little mountain town of Wrightwood. It was our first time using airbnb. It really does seem like a different existence, even though it’s only a couple hours away from home. And it was a really nice place. Spacious enough for our group of 13. Really happy with the way that turned out. There was no shortage of warmth inside, and in fact, it got pretty toasty at times. I love that feeling of being in the heat of a home one minute and being able to walk outside into the brisk and nippy atmosphere of the outside, breathing in the fresh mountain air. Truly zen (c.).


Got a nice review to boot: “Brian was an excellent guest. He and his friends respected the property nicely and left the home in excellent condition. He is most welcomed back anytime.”

We decorated stockings and put up a mini Christmas tree. Fuck, we’re precious (d.). It made the house feel that much more homey.


Steak dinner was bomb. So much food and so much leftovers. We were that one group of obnoxious people having way too much fun to care what everyone else in the restaurant was doing. Didn’t realize how surrounded we were by quiet, judgmental, old, white folks until we got up to leave.

The BJ

The BJ

And of course, what’s the point of throwing a birthday party at a cabin if you’re not planning on getting blitzed? #2on. I debuted BJ (Breezy Juice), my seemingly generic, but deliciously tropical jungle juice. It was a hit, apparently. And isn’t it great when you know you can get rowdy and messed up and not give a damn about your own safety? Yeah, I was at a 5** Too many good memories of the night that are slowly coming back to me (though thanks to the Go Pro, we may just relive the entire night).

Surprised by a cake, d'aww

Surprised by a cake #daww

I’m sorry I’m a bad (good?) drunk and somehow find it very difficult to throw up (sigh, to be 21 again). The goal was to throw up at least twice, power through the vomit, and keep drinking all night. Sadly, the option never came up. But there was this one moment of clarity I had during the night when I thought I was out for the count. I have no idea what time it was, but I stepped into the bathroom. I spent a while sitting on the toilet, undecided on whether or not I was going to poop or vomit (neither, as it so happened). I was listening to my friends outside- talking, laughing, yelling. It was this wonderfully, blissful, surreal moment (brought to you in part by Alcohol) where I was smiling and laughing at my friends’ voices (even though I didn’t register what the hell they were saying). It was this state of utter contentment, difficult to explain, but a moment that’ll stay with me (e.). After that, I got up, gave myself a peptalk in the mirror, and got my second wind- no vomiting necessary. In a way, I’m glad I didn’t vomit, and I’m especially glad I didn’t get blackout drunk because that shit is scary. I maintained a nice, constant buzz throughout the night. What was weird is that I didn’t get hungry (though looking back, I consumed a lot of food at dinner). The weekend was pretty perfect…cruisin’ and boozin’ and jacuzzin’ and everything in between.


I still have a week in my Taylor Swift year, where I can still be young, naive, and make fun of hipsters. 23 may be the age where nobody likes me and I forget how old I am, but I have a feeling it will be pretty damned great.

Love 'em.

Love ’em.

* yes

** the gradient goes as such: (1) designated driver, when you’re responsible for other people and therefore, should drink nothing; (2) self-driver, when you’re out but still have to drive yourself so can’t go too crazy; (3) work night, when you have work the next morning so have to control your intake wisely; (4) want to make it home, when you don’t have to drive and you don’t have obligations the next morning, but you still want to be relatively safe; (5) fucked up, when you’re in a safe environment surrounded by friends, everyone is down to get ratchet, you can embarrass yourself freely, and the only thing you have to worry about is where all the bathrooms are located; (6) alcoholic, when you give negative fucks (let us never reach this level)

PS Could you guys tell I’ve been rewatching Happy Endings?

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