The No Man

It’s No November, the month where I will be shaving, but not doing anything. After the beautiful disaster that was October, I kind of need to save some money for the coming winter months. So, time to get stingy and say no and be introverted and curl up in a blanket. Knowing how to say ‘yes’ is knowledge. But knowing when to say ‘yes’ is wisdom. It is also equally important to learn how to say no. And this is not just in terms of hanging out and such. For me, it’s also about properly saying no. I tend to attempt to spare feelings for both parties, not giving solid answers or making (semi-valid) excuses. Sometimes, I just want to stay home and not go out. Can’t be faulted for that, but I should be more direct in my answers. I’m sure people would appreciate that.

It’s been great being more proactive about things, and I’m excited to keep the ball rolling in a more filtered/controlled setting.

Halloween weekend was a success. It was a relaxing night, hanging out with friends and carving/drawing on pumpkins (tradition!) and of course, listening to Taylor Swift #TS1989 (so relatable!). After the catastrophe a couple weeks ago that we can’t discuss, I’ve come to terms with the fact that I am too old to get shit-faced and embarrassingly drunk. It’s unnecessary and I’m okay with that. Also, this. But for Friday through Sunday, I went with the Destiny Pizzas crew to Stan Lee’s Comikaze (read more here) and I had a blast and spent a lot of money and saw a lot of great costumes and art and people. Of course, no regrets. It was awesome to kind of have an extended Halloween weekend with no worries, just fun. I had been planning my costumes for a while and I’m glad everything turned out nicely. The anticipation for big events like this are great, and now onto the next thing– snowboarding this December! It’s a month away, so I’ve got to start getting all my stuff ready. A month seems to be a brutal wait, especially since I’m trying not to do too much this month, but we’ll see what happens. The plan is to save money.

Today, I wore pants to work for the first time. It’s a sign that the weather is changing. Although, actually, the projected forecast for the rest of the week is really high 80s into the 90s, so there goes that hope.

~ by Btab on 3 November 2014.

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