The Home Alone Saga #7

Hello friends! Thanks for still reading this epic, harrowing saga of me living at home by myself. It’s been really fun! Alas, we come to the last post since today is my last day of having the house to myself. Looks like I’ll definitely need a new hashtag. #chefbtab? I learned a lot of new things, mainly about cooking, but some minimal things about what goes into maintaining a household. So much greater appreciation for what my parents do.


So I mowed the lawn today, which is not an abnormal occurrence. But the significance is that I really want a new lawnmower. Sigh, thinking about buying new household appliances and such.

Things I want:

  • apron
  • Panini press
  • spice rack
  • lawnmower
  • other specialized cooking appliances/utensils

The final recipe was lemon-blueberry cupcakes. I saw this recipe early on and I was excited to make it. We don’t have a lot of baking ingredients here, so I saved it for last. They turned out really good! And I will let you all know what others think since I will be bringing them to a party tonight. This is the first of my cooking experiments to be tested on actual humans other than me, so we’ll see.

I had a ton of fun cooking, a lot more than I thought I would, and I was already expecting to have a good time. Even when recipes never turned out as I expected, they all turned out pretty good. I surprised myself that I was able to do so much with so little, and was able to make some great dishes/drinks. I would probably want to cook everything again and get better at making them, especially the pastas. I also want to experiment more with different meats and how to cook them. I’m definitely excited for when Mom comes back so I can be more proactive in the kitchen: watch her, learn from her, help her, and come up with different recipes with her.


Summer is coming to a close, and the past two weeks have been a blur of amazement and self-discovery. My song of Summer 2014 would have to be Boom Clap by Charli XCX. It really captures the essence of such a sunny, carefree (for the most part) summer filled with love and happiness. Lastly, thanks to everyone who gave me recipes, I will cook them soon. And thanks to everyone who helped me cook. And thanks for reading! Now back to your regular scheduled posts.

~ by Btab on 30 August 2014.

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