The Home Alone Saga #5

Cooking for one has its pros and cons. First, it can be a good thing. I don’t have to worry if my food isn’t good because I’m not trying to please anyone else. And I’ll pretty much eat it regardless of its taste because I spent time/effort cooking it, so satiety beats out all else. I will enjoy my food, thank you very much (though luckily, nothing has been a disaster…yet). I also get a lot of leftovers; whether or not it’s a good thing or not is still up in the air. On the other hand, some recipes call for ingredients that don’t come in small portions. So I end up either using all of it and make a huge serving or end up using a small amount of it and having this random ingredient that I’ll never use again. Also, there’s the small sad thought that I have no one to share my creations with.

I really want an apron now. And a panini press. I find that using specialized utensils/appliances really works (who would’ve guessed?)! My new obsession is wooden spoons, they’re perfect for cooking and they don’t burn me and it’s nice.

Well, I finally used my grill. Dad called to warn me that the igniter is broken and that I’d have to manually do it and to make sure not to let it explode in my face. So naturally, I was rather apprehensive while I was trying to get everything set up. But everything turned out nicely and I didn’t die, so it’s pretty much a win-win. Not bad, though I feel like it’s easy to ruin a nice, expensive slab of meat. Next up was carne asada, which was for my fries. It was pretty easy to grill, since the meat was so thin. What’s more difficult is balancing everything you want to cook for a meal- when to start cooking things, what you can cook at the same time, etc. I guess I’d just need to pre-plan everything before starting. For example, I totally forgot to add the jalapenos this time!

I also finally made a watermelon vodka slush, which I’ve been wanting to make for a while. I had my mini bottle of Grey Goose and it was perfect for the occasion. I think I chose out the juiciest watermelon I ever had the pleasure of picking out (I’m pretty great at picking out watermelons, my one true talent). It was so red and delicious and I was so happy because a bad fruit can ruin a smoothie/slush/whatever. I also cut the most beautiful lemon ever, it was nice and symmetrical and the inside was so perfectly formed. It was prettier than a lot of girls out there. Anyway, it was great and then I added some ice cream to it and it gave it the perfect taste of shave ice / snow ice / fluff ice / whatever it’s called. Perfectly cold, creamy, and refreshing. Off to a good start with my alcohol mixes, though I really want to expand. I want to get stock up a mini bar or cart with some alcohols and mixers and equipment so I can practice pseudo-bartending and experimenting with drinks. So much fun! And honestly, if it doesn’t taste good, at least I’m getting drunk.

AND I took the GRE! Finally! This whole week was a lot more about wanting to get it over with than the general nervousness of standardized testing. Anyway, not really sure how I did because I don’t really know how the scoring works, but regardless, I deleted all my GRE bookmarks and shall metaphorically burn my books now. Feels good!

So this week, I’m basically going to relax and take a kind-of-not-really-deserved break. I have chores to do and things to cook and naps to take and a lot of TV to catch up on and people to hang out with. And maybe buy myself things? And maybe play games? And I should probably look into applications hehe. Whee!

~ by Btab on 24 August 2014.

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