The Home Alone Saga #4

So last last last night, I prepped my avocado sorbet and it was more difficult than I thought (it’s never 5 minutes like they say…). But I zested a lime for the first time. I’m really into pureeing fruits and seeing what kind of consistency, texture, and tastes I can combine and create. I couldn’t wait to get home from work and make the sorbet. I also made a smoothie. Both were really sweet and refreshing, but the consistencies were a bit strange. There are times when it’s nice to just eat a fruit though. Fruits are great. They’re like the candy of diets and they’re healthy. When you’re trying to bulk, they’re not that great, so I tend to avoid them for the most part unless I have a craving for sweets. Except bananas, they’re forever- shoutout to bananas! Fruits are just wonderful, though. Never feel guilty indulging in fruits (never feel guilty indulging in anything, but fruits, most of all).

Then I was on an avocado kick, so I tried making the egg baked in an avocado. I think my avocado was too small, but it was strange and delicious and I would probably make it again if I had better avocados. Avocados are tricky because I never know when they’re good to eat. Very simple and again, you can customize with any garnish/spices you want.

For dinner, I made pasta carbonara, one of my favorite pastas. I found a recipe online that wasn’t too difficult to follow. I made it with bacon and peas because that’s how they do it at Cheesecake Factory. Overall, it was surprising good and it smelled exactly the same as Cheesecake’s. It was a bit on the unsalted side, oops. Next time, I’m gonna try to overseason with salt and pepper and parmesan so the flavors will really pop. I also made way too much because I forgot a portion for one white American is always too much. Carbonara isn’t good as leftovers, except for when you’re me and everything is good as leftovers (yes, even fries). Pasta for days! And still have my fried rice.

I ordered mason jars so I can make fancy drinks and be really cool whilst drinking them. They were scheduled to arrive next week, but they have arrived today! So exciting, but now I’m going to be distracted drinking alcohol when I should be studying. Such a shame.

I’ve been surviving off of leftovers because I don’t want to go to grocery shopping until next week and I’m gonna try not to spend too much time in the kitchen until Sunday because I really need to focus on studying. I don’t know what else I’m going to make this week, but next week, when I’m more free, I have a lot of stuff to try out. The worst part is the clean-up though. Always so many dishes to wash.

It’s eerie coming home when it’s dark. I left the windows open this morning because I planned to get home while it was still light out. But it’s just weird to get home and the house is completely dark and silent. But on the bright side, I actually remembered that it was trash day tomorrow since people had their trashcans outside. So, I remembered to put mine out, something which I would’ve forgotten otherwise.

~ by Btab on 21 August 2014.

One Response to “The Home Alone Saga #4”

  1. Fruits are absolutely wonderful…
    I love experimenting cakes and other desserts with them, though cobblers are my favorite 🙂

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