The Home Alone Saga #3

Weird waking up early for work and Mom not being there. It’s that strange quiet that permeates the slow Monday mornings.

Today after work, I went shopping for fruits and vegetables. Usually, I stay away from that whole section when I go grocery shopping because Mom usually takes care of that. But I did notice a deficit this weekend so I had to go buy some. So confusing to pick out, but thankfully, I had my phone to tell me how to properly pick out the best ones. I didn’t realize how cheap fruits and vegetables are, and they go such a long way!

I made tacos de barbacoa today. One day over the summer, Mom went over to my aunt’s house and they were eating tacos. And this opened up her eyes to all the possibilities with tacos. And I was already eating quesadillas like mad this summer to hit my daily caloric load, so we have a bulk supply of tortillas in the house. Anyway, with any meat, tacos are just the greatest; and they’re super easy to make. You can pretty much throw on anything you want. Today, I got corn and jalapenos to add to mine (jalapenos are my new favorite thing). And when I ran out of tortillas, I just mixed everything together a la fried rice (though calling it a paella makes it more Hispanic) and it was so delicious. TAKE THAT, CHIPOTLE. I DON’T NEED YOU. I think the only thing I forgot was adding shredded lettuce, but otherwise, it was very much like what I order at Chipotle. Tacos are a nice mix of macros and I can eat so many of them, so they’re good for bulking too.

Now, you may be wondering: ‘Brian, why have you not cooked for yourself sooner?’ I’ve always loved the idea of cooking and every now and then (usually holidays), I try to cook new things. And I enjoy experimenting in the kitchen. But when your parents’ food is so good- not even exaggerating, my parents make the best food (you ain’t tried pho until you’ve had theirs)- then what’s the point? I just enjoy having gourmet food every day. Alas, this is great for me. I get to cook and experiment because there’s no alternative. What’s great is that I make so much that there’s tons of leftovers, which I can eat later in the day or save for lunch the next day. But who knows what will happen when Mom comes back. So many recipes, so little time…

I currently have my list of things I want to try and make. It probably won’t all happen in these next couple of weeks, but the point is to try and continue the habit. Cooking is really fun though.


~ by Btab on 18 August 2014.

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