The Magic of the Con

Hello Kitty, Finn, Stitch, Totoro, and Pikachu take Comic Con.

Hello Kitty, Finn, Stitch, Totoro, and Pikachu take Comic Con.

Ah, it is time for my annual SDCC post!

Sometimes I forget how easy it is to get wrapped up in the business of my own life, that I forget to take a break. Thankfully, after much back and forth, I ended up going to San Diego on Saturday for a daycation.

First, we headed to La Jolla to hang out at Cove Beach. LOL at the seals and pelicans hanging around with the people in the water. I wanna go back, the water looked so tempting.

We got there in the afternoon and hung out around the Petco Park outdoor area for free for a little and then went to the front area where all the people were. It was pretty hot out. Of course, it’s always fun to look around at the people. It was a lot of walking back and forth on the bridge. We stopped around Gaslamp for a little, we went to the Bayfront for a little, and we went to the Adult Swim funhouse thing (which was totally not worth waiting in two lines for (and we didn’t even wait in the third line for a free tee because it was way too long)).

So when I was about to leave the outdoor area, a car drives up and the window rolls down. Norman Reedus sticks his head out and of course, is taking pictures of people taking pictures of him. I whipped out my phone and almost got ran over (“Watch out” said the driver monotonously like he didn’t really care if I died or not), but snapped a quick picture and then walked up to the window and asked for a high five. HI5 FROM DARYL DIXON?! Damn, day made. Also, if y’all don’t remember, last year when I went to SDCC, as we were walking to the Con, Norman Reedus drove by and flashed me the peace sign when we waved to him. LOL.

Anyway, as the day wound down, circumstances allowed us to get inside the exhibit hall for a brief hour as we rushed around looking at all the stuff and I actually resisted from buying random crap (though I really really wanted some Kingdom Hearts stuff at the Square Enix booth, but it was all sold out). I didn’t a lot of awesome cosplay except at the Marvel booth where there was a cosplay contest. I did see Tobuscus, Jim Lee, Max Brooks, and Ted Fu, though. They were just chilling at booths and I was like woah.

I realize that as much as I dislike the idea of Comic Con and how “it’s not the same as it was five years ago” and I hate that I didn’t get tickets (but at the same time, I’m glad I didn’t because I’m not sure if I had it in me to sit around all day in line)…I love how the Con still makes me feel. I mean, I didn’t even want to go 2011 and 2012 because it was just so icky. But then I’ve rethought my stance.

It’s magical to be surrounded by the people that are so passionate about these kinds of things. I hadn’t been inside since 2010 and I felt like that little teenager running around the exhibit hall.

For the future, if I ever do get tickets again, I’d like to think I’d just want to wander around the exhibit hall, maybe wait in line for some signings, and probably buy something really expensive and exclusive. All the panel stuff would be nice, but I don’t know if I’d want to wait in line all day for one thing (that I can probably see online later). I mean, unless it was something I really really want to see. But signings are where it’s at.

Also, I love SDCC because of all the stuff that pops up online. People getting excited over the little things, all the amazing news, the interviews of some of my favorite actors, oh it’s just wonderful. I can spend all day on Tumblr just looking at the new goodies.

At the end of the day, it’s always a nice weekend, whether I’m there or not. Though right now, I live close enough that I should take advantage every year and head out to San Diego to enjoy the ambience. I hope everyone that went had a great time and those of you that were unable to go, I hope you still enjoy all the wonderful news coming out from an event like this.

OH. The best part of the day was when this little kid came up to me and yelled “FINN!” like he was so happy to see me (even though my cosplay was not even good lol). And then we high-fived and it was a precious moment. I should think about cosplaying hardcore one year because it’s nice when people are happy to see you.

~ by Btab on 27 July 2014.

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