The Fit Life (#5)

  1. All I watch now is wildlife documentaries and it’s amazing and makes me feel primal and I mean if only I could eat a wildebeest and enjoy that much pure protein… #beastmode
  2. INJURY! I got my first gym injury (if you don’t include getting smacked in the face by a medicine ball), sprained/twisted my shoulder, wah. Oh well, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, right, Kelly? UPDATE: I wasn’t able to get through some back exercises because I was worried about aggravating my shoulder pain more, but bicep/forearm stuff was okay. UPDATE: Also, skipped shoulder stuff, but leg day was all good. UPDATE: been a week and still some pain during certain exercises. A bit annoying to have to worry about injuries, but I’m still getting my gym wings, so making mistakes is good for me right now. Kind of like a rite of passage yay!
  3. It’s been over a month and a half now? Progress is slow, but I do feel a lot healthier in mind and body. It’s all about the attitude. I’m surprised I haven’t skipped any gym days, been pretty decent with my nutrition, and have really made working out part of my weekly routine. It’s hard to imagine life without it now. I feel less lethargic (though feeling tired/exhausted is a different story). I just feel good about myself, which is a nice feeling for a change.
  4. PROGRESS: I’ve gained roughly 10 lbs., give or take because my weight fluctuates so much, but I think my pants still fit, so at least not all of that weight is fat around my waist!
  5. I’ve really been enjoying the science side to working out. The anatomy and muscle study, the chemistry and metabolism study, the reason and effect every exercise has. Everything is really interesting.
  6. Additionally, I’ve been going back, checking my ego, and reducing weight to make sure my form is correct. Never really sure of myself, but trying to take things slow just to make sure.



~ by Btab on 10 June 2014.

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