The Bulk (#1)

Woah, today was a big day for me. In terms of personal growth. I finally finally finally bought that 24 Hour Fitness 2-year gym membership from Costco that I’ve been meaning to get for months (and probably talked about it on this blog at some point or another). So now begins the perilous journey towards being in shape! I’ve been researching for a few weeks (and actually stopped my home workouts because I think I was not doing the right things for my body type), I bought a bunch of food to bulk on, and I actually woke up in the morning on a Saturday to go to the gym, and not to mention…LEG DAY. Truly unheard of stuff for me, y’all.

Spring renewal, spring cleaning, Easter and Jesus coming back to life. So symbolic, like woah. I love the feeling. Shedding off the past, trying something new, change! I don’t know why people hate it so much.

Fitness bloggery, here I come! Hopefully, my journey will be a good one. #gainsfordays

  1. Besides being healthy and looking nice, a good motivation is this 2-year contract I signed. I’m bad at investments, but this was a big purchase for me. Also, friends that have gym passes!
  2. I get to eat a lot, and I can eat junk food if I need calories, and I’m supposed to eat midnight snacks. I just need to avoid chips, soda, candy, and stuff like that, which is pretty easy for me.
  3. I either have more time, or I’m just better at balancing it.
  4. Researching proper exercise technique and nutrition techniques is so important…I never did both at the same time, so here we go!
  5. I have a Nutrition Log, which appeals to my need to list and record things.

~ by Btab on 19 April 2014.

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