The Super Horse

Last year was my sister’s year, and this year is my dad’s! Next year is mine, woo (omg I’ll be 24)!

Thankfully, I get to celebrate 2 new years so it’s like a motivation do-over! For real though, January has been a horribly lethargic month for me.

I’ve spent a lot of my time playing games (Tomb Raider…I platinum’d Kingdom Hearts 1.5…Pokemon Black 2 (which was actually a pretty solid sequel, surprisingly)). Got way too addicted even after I told myself I’d stop games for a while (wow, thanks Eileen for the Tomb Raider…even though I asked for it hehe, totally got me addicted to games again). I even started playing phone games again. Gaming is the one thing I find difficult for me to pace. It’s either complete addiction or cold turkey. Thankfully, there’s nothing really left. I need to force myself to stop playing. At least, it’ll be a while before I buy a new game…and I’ll need a refractory period of sorts before I hop back on the saddle of platinuming Tomb Raider or playing Chain of Memories.

Of course, movies were another huge distraction. I mean all these movies coming out and finishing up all the movies for the last year. I’m all caught up thankfully. There’s nothing out I’m dying to see. And my mom and my cousin and I marathon’d Miyazaki movies so there’s that. Not to mention I started a bunch of shows and of course, I had to binge-watch these as well. Ugh, it’s like I’m on a permanent winter break.

Speaking of winter, it’s been ~relatively~ cold (yeah, yeah, you’re soooo cool that you can stand colder weather, ooooh I’m such a baby because I’m cold when it’s 60F outside…yeah, y’all shut up.) And my bed has been really comfortable lately. I don’t know if it’s because I redecorated my room and I just want to spend all my time in here…or if it’s just so nice and toasty. I sleep until noon on my days off and I just can’t seem to get anything done. Stopped eating breakfast, ughhhhhhh.

I got sick a couple of times. Cold. Flu. Bad stuff. I haven’t been this sick since I don’t remember when, but not since I was a kid. I’d like to think I have a good immune system…I’ve licked a lot of random stuff in my youth (ah, to be wild and free again…), so you know, all that bad stuff is now familiar and can be quickly combated.

I think I was also not eating a lot either. Didn’t really go to Costco until recently and stocked up on snacks. But before that, I think I was just eating less and not having an appetite…and I think my skin was actually clearing up? But now, I’m all out on the bad stuff…bought chips and candy and cookies and ice cream. Oops. Well, I’ve been only drinking water and now eating a lot of fruits and yogurt. Need to get back on my breakfast grind.

Good things: Listening to music…shuffling through all my tunes makes me feel nostalgic. Meeting up with people…having free time to hang out when I want to. Reading…a lot of reading, I’m so glad I’m still doing this and haven’t become sick of books. I started studying for the GRE and working out again…pretty much stopped both of these things and haven’t done them for a while, so getting back on that saddle (year of the horse reference, get it?). AND the only money I spent this entire month was on food AND I worked more over time this month (I realize I’ve been ‘balancing my checkbook’ in my own way since I’ve been young, I just didn’t realize that’s what it was…so I feel more grown up, I guess). Woo hoo! I actually met one of my goals. We’ll see how February goes.

Anyway, now is just the point where I tell myself to do something and stop doing other things. My plan is to focus and give myself the motivation I seem to have misplaced this month. I’m going to try this for the next month. Wake up in the MORNING. Eat breakfast. Work when I’m scheduled. Work out. Study. Ponder life. Hang out on weekends. No: sleeping too much, playing games, watching movies or television (in excess), laying in bed doing nothing, napping (in excess), getting sick (mind over matter!), getting distracted (no more Internet for me! hahahahahaha just kidding, but I’m gonna limit myself again). The only hobbies I will be enjoying are cooking and reading.

Let’s do this! (Except I get a pass for the weekend because of Lunar New Year + Superbowl weekend, so I was pretty busy getting my party on. Today was a good start though, except even though I woke up a little before noon, I didn’t eat breakfast.)

Lastly, a couple of fortune cookies!

Your mind is creative, original and alert.

You will be traveling and coming into a fortune.

I like both of these for different reasons. The first one is one of those fortunes that aren’t really fortunes, but actually just a bunch of flattery. I don’t mind. I’d like to think it is. Sometimes I struggle with the idea of whether I’m more right- or left-brained, but sometimes I just feel like I’m equally brained. They should call me Bteb. The second one is also lovely. The beauty is that it doesn’t specify when or where or what kind of fortune (or what kind of traveling for that matter). It’s one of those good ones that are so vague that you can interpret it in any way you choose. Naturally, I don’t think it’s about traveling to a location on a map and getting monetarily rich. It’s going to be a mental journey full of riches of knowledge, wisdom, love, inner peace, and self-actualization. At least…that’s what I want to believe for myself. 🙂


~ by Btab on 3 February 2014.

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