The Flaws Upon Your Sleeve

I gave myself a haircut on a whim. Haven't done that for a while!

I gave myself a haircut on a whim. Haven’t done that for a while!

There’s nothing like everyone leaving that makes me get that nauseous feeling in the pit of my stomach. That one aching feeling where I realize that I’ve been far too content with enjoying life and not really focusing on my future.

Cue 2014.

This year is going to be really important, I can feel it. 2013 was important, but in a weird way, I can’t explain. It seemed just fleeting, ethereal, zombie-like, passive…yet at the same time…very important. 2014 is one of those years where I can feel a storm brewing and it’s going to hit me suddenly and I will be battered and thrown around and in the end, it may be for the better. It’s a strange feeling.

I had a great break. Though the only thing signalling that it was a break was that I was surrounded by friends and family. Now that everyone’s off doing their own thing, I guess I can go back to my regularly-scheduled life. Yet not quite. The ice is starting to thaw now and I have come to a lot of realizations that I must deal with. I did a lot of hanging out, a lot of movie watching, a lot (A LOT) of spending, and a lot of doing nothing.

Anyway, I’ve had some time to think about resolutions, though I’ve probably been doing these when they come to me, it’s just nice to verbalize and reinforce for the new year. I decided to make birthday resolutions instead of New Year’s ones. They’re close enough to one another anyway. It’s like choosing

Positivity. Reality.

Impassivity. Initiation.


Time. Commitment.

PS I’m sorry for all these weird metaphors and verbiage. Listening to a lot of Bastille, feeling really transcendent.

~ by Btab on 7 January 2014.

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