The 22

The last thing I did as a 21 year old:

  • Ate a lot of junk food. Donut craving satisfied. Root beer float craving satisfied. Some alcohol. Some chips. I felt gross, but good, you know?

Things I did on my birthday:

  • Watch some late night TV, which I haven’t done in a while. And semi-studied.
  • Watched The Spectacular Now. Stayed up late just to watch a movie.
  • Slept. And actually woke up at 9ish and felt pretty refreshed.
  • Ate another donut for breakfast. Thinking ahead, we bought extras hehe.
  • Worked (damn, so adult). Only had to come in for 2 hours since it was my birthday and I really had to study for this final on Wednesday.
  • Lunch at Corner Bakery with Nane and Matt. Pasta Carbonara craving satisfied.
  • Studied. And listened to music. I felt like I haven’t done this for a while and it felt nice, a little reminiscent of the old college days, though I can’t believe I actually studied on my birthday. What are you going to do right? Final the next day, wah.
  • Fell asleep while studying, oops. Some things never change.
  • Picked up Mom at work and almost ran over some woman jaywalking in the dark into oncoming traffic. Then dinner with Mom. Then second dinner with Matt…burritos on burritos on burritos. Burrito craving satisfied.
  • Watched The Voice because damn, a lot of performances from artists I like. Mini break, then back to studying.
  • Finally finished studying and watched Out of the Furnace. End the day with Christian Bale, my bff.

The next day:

  • Final exam! Never really sure how I do on these.
  • Field trip to Bootlegger’s Brewery in Fullerton. That was a first for me, pretty fun, some beer tasting. I loved their Old World Hefeweizen, probably the best beer I’ve tasted (not that I’ve had a whole lot). Must go find it again.
  • Pieology with the labmates. Pizza craving satisfied. I’mma miss those fools.
  • Headed straight to Cheesecake Factory for my tiny birthday dinner with family and friends. Had Peppermint Bark cheesecake and of course, got the pasta carbonara. Leftovers galore! Cheesecake craving [never] satisfied.
  • Got home and watched Don Jon.

Thanks for all the loving texts and wall posts and calls and tweets, etc. I appreciate it all so much!

21 was fun. In a way, I strongarmed the year, like I wanted to. A lot of firsts, a lot of fun, a lot of heartache. I feel like I grew a lot as a person this year. I find myself more and more every year, but this was a big one. I’m looking forward to this coming year and what it will bring for me.

Things to do at 22:

  • More of everything. Excess. [certain] Drugs. Sex. Fun. Buck-fucking-wild.
  • Work out like a mother fucker.
  • Live life. Be happy.
  • Stop comparing myself to other people.
So happy for cheesecake. And turning 22. Stolen from sis.

So happy for cheesecake. And turning 22. Stolen from sis.

~ by Btab on 19 December 2013.

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