The Kings of Summer

"Sequoia boys."

“Sequoia boys.”

Ah, Labor Day weekend. The symbolic end of summer in America (I just found this out, oops). And so we reach the final stretch of 2013. Today was a fun end of weekend time with family, relaxing and eating and not worrying about anything.

The other night, I came back from a short weekend camping trip with the guys and it seems as if the world also took a hiatus. I was only gone a couple of days, but it felt like longer, as if things in the real world would be completely changed when I got back. But nah, it just feels a little hotter and a little more humid here.

Camping was great. I was pretty excited to get to it all week, waiting for work and class to end so I could finally relax. Thankfully, it was a three-day weekend. I barely slept the night before, probably too excited. But Alan, Amadeo, and I roadtripped out early in the morning for ~5-6 hours to Kernville, California, a campground by the river that’s part of Sequoia National Park…I think. The drive was fun; the mountains were beautiful, even if the view seemed the same throughout, nature was still a sight to behold. When we got there around noon, it was pretty hot already, so we met up with Ryan and his family and set up our site and went to the river, which was right by the campgrounds. I was reluctant to get in because I felt like I could die at any minute. But the water was pretty nice and I eventually found a rock to bask on. Naturally, we decided to nap after our perilous river-crossing. I don’t remember what we did for the rest of that day, but it was probably just relaxing and lounging about. That night, Alan taught me how to do cool light painting photos on the camera, so we played around with that for awhile before getting to bed. The next day, we got up early and decided to explore areas further away from the campsite. We found another part of the river and decided to go fishing even though there were probably no fish in there. And then we went for another perilous swim to cross to the other side. Cold water, but oh so refreshing. Then we went to the Trail of 100 Giants, which is a touristy area of Sequoia around 45 minutes from our site. It was beautiful walking through the forest and seeing all the trees and birds and other flora and fauna (including a cow, naturally the spirit of the forest…when I got home, I tried to look up cows in Sequoia, but I couldn’t find anything on them, so maybe it only blessed us by appearing). I’ve been to Sequoia as a child and don’t remember much; the sheer size of the trees are simply breathtaking. When we got back, it was already time to head back to the real world. It was so much fun and I felt like I could relax there forever.

I enjoy camping a lot, though I rarely get the chance to go. Nature is just too beautiful. My biggest concerns are the bathroom situation and the fact that I always feel dirty. But I do want to do more outdoorsy things, so a short camping trip would always be nice to do every now and then. It’s like a vacation, but cheap and close and makes me feel manly. I was glad to finally be able to relax after such a stressful month. I felt like we were the kings of summer, conquerors of the wilderness, no cares in the world, just sun and fun.

With all of that said, I did miss the Internet. But now I feel like I want to cut back. I’m planning on going on social networking sites less, hopefully, not go cold turkey, but I’ll try to just limit myself. I think it’s better that way. Plus, I have to start focusing on classes again. I will be starting part-time work again so I can take a class. I found the first days of school exciting, I don’t know why. So if I succeed, you’ll be seeing a decreased online presence from me in the coming weeks.

As summer draws to a close, I reflect on how summer used to be so simple, but now it’s completely different as an adult. Even still, the essence is still the same, so that’s nice. I’m glad I got to see people and hang out and enjoy the weather. My goals for the fall include watching more movies, reading more books, start writing again, working hard at my jobs and in school, find more time to spend with people, get back on track with my routines. I need to spend less money and less time doing nothing. I’ll miss summer, but I’m excited to see where autumn will take me.

Finally, I wanted to say thank you to Hayao Miyazaki for making the most wonderful films for all these years. Even though my heart breaks because I won’t be able to experience any more movies from you, I’m just so thankful for what you’ve given us. So thank you! It’s funny- we were just talking about these films on the drive back from Kern. I can’t wait for The Wind Rises to come out here!

~ by Btab on 2 September 2013.

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