The Con

First off, happy birthday to my sister!


Second, prepare for this post of SDCC feels.

I think I was doing pretty well with controlling my raging fanboyness, but then I went and got sucked back into SDCC again. I don’t remember the last time I went, it was a few years ago, and I basically gave up on trying to get tickets and stuff lately and kind of just avoided the news in general so I wouldn’t die of bitter hatred.

Anyhow, that all failed when I saw all the news on the Korra panel and then it got worse when I went to San Diego on Saturday and even just being outside in the vicinity of these things just brought back old feelings. It’s really a rush just to be around these people that are fans at their core. They exude an aura of body odor and passion. For the most part (since I don’t remember bad memories and didn’t have to experience the intense, constipated feeling of waiting in lines and trying to get into panels), everyone is really happy and pleasant. I loved seeing people in cosplay.

So the night before, Amadeo invited Alan and me to go hang out in the area since there would be events outside and we didn’t need passes, whee. The ride there wasn’t as long as I remember it to be, which was great. Parking was easy because we parked pretty far in some ghetto area but it was free. I guess they semi-popped their SDCC cherries. When we first got there, I definitely felt that high you feel when you see all the signs and the crowds and the energy. We were walking along the path to the actual center when Norman Reedus drove by in those black SUVs with the window down and he acknowledged us waving to him. Pretty cool already!

After, we decided to walk up and down the front, looking at all the good cosplayers and fans. I got 2 compliments on my Curious George / Joker shirt that says Why So Curious, woo! We tried to sneak in, but it generally seems impossible. I really just wanted to walk around the floor and look at the shops, though. And then Alan and I were starving so we went to Berkeley Pizza, which has a really good pizza deal. We walked back around the Gaslamp District, we got a free shirt, we went to the free outdoors area around Petco Park, we waited in line for 2.5 hours at the Wolverine thing to get a shirt but then it broke down and we didn’t get a shirt so that was disappointing, but we talked to nice people, so it wasn’t too bad. It began sprinkling slightly. We observed some of the Walking Dead zombie course, which was really cool. Apparently, Dante Basco was in there! Speaking of which, Grey DeLisle was also somewhere on the floor, meaning I was also in her vicinity. Amadeo’s girlfriend was working at the Con, so she gave us some Black Sails bandanas to get into Southpaw for happy hour later that night. So we waited for that and it was pretty fun because we got pirate coins to get some free drinks, I got to take a cool pirate picture, got some free stuff, and hung out with pirates while eating yummy samples. It was a really cool vibe because everyone was a nerd and everyone was nice. Fun times! Everyone should watch Black Sails on Starz in January 2014. After the happy hour ended, we went to 7-11 and got free pizza (woo!) and then got some $1 X-Men shots before walking back to the car and heading home. Overall, I’d have to say it was a successful day without a ticket.

Another cool thing too (because being in the vicinity of greatness is basically like being in the panel). The Marvel panel (which I just watched online) was absolutely brilliant and we were basically right there when it happened. I was pretty excited for the Korra panel (which was pretty amazing when I watched it), but Marvel cannot fail. Tom Hiddleston coming out as Loki to intruduce Thor: The Dark World? Are you kidding me? That gave me chills, I would’ve shit myself. I’m really sad I missed the Winter Soldier panel because dang, that cast. And they also had a signing which I probably would’ve died at anyway. And then Guardians of the Galaxy with fucking Lee Pace and Zoe Saldana. I love them both, two of my favorite actors. Then Joss Whedon decides to make an appearance to announce Age of Ultron. What. Naturally, I didn’t know anything about this panel ahead of time and that Marvel was doing a panel because I didn’t want to know. And then I was on Tumblr last night after I got home, so naturally, there were pictures and videos galore and I basically died. Probably the best panel ever and I wasn’t even there.

Other things I would have loved to see this year:

– Thursday: Cartoon Hangover. Teen Wolf. Hannibal. Definitely wouldn’t have been able to decide which room to stalk since they were all over the place.

– Friday: Adventure Time. LEGEND OF KORRA. Nikita. Kick-Ass 2. The Walking Dead. Agents of SHIELD. Game of Thrones. Vikings. Friday was a good day and filled with great panels. Thank god I didn’t have to decide. It would have been nice to be there for Nikita’s last panel though.

– Saturday: Hunger Games. Arrow. Probably would’ve just stalked Hall H all day for the Marvel panel, though.

– Sunday: Breaking Bad. Community. It’s Always Sunny. Community got to Hall H, which is amazing! Today would’ve been an easy sell just to stalk Hall H and get all that I wanted.

This whomps. Next year though, I’m gonna try really hard to get tickets. I forgot how amazing SDCC can be.



Lastly, I just wanted to update y’all on my life. I think a couple days after my last post, I was offered a full-time, more hands-on position at my new job. I accepted and I’ve basically been super busy working way too many hours and being really tired all the time, but learning a lot. I think I’ll only be working full-time for the summer because I still kind of need to get in classes for the fall, but we will see where life takes me. Everything that’s been happening has been pretty quick and I’m just kind of going with it. Weekends are for catching up on sleep and hanging out. I try to get in what I need to do after work, but most of the time, I just get tired and want to sit around on the Internet. I can barely read before falling asleep. It’s all very strange, but hopefully, I’ll get used to it. I’m just glad I put aside time to write these posts so I can feel like I’m reflecting a bit. It’s crazy that it’s already Sunday, end of July, more than halfway through 2013. I thought time flew by before, but these days, the hours just disappear. I wonder how people that work like this have time for a life. Someone tell me your secrets.

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