The Cheerful Countenance

Finally got a haircut, y'all.

Finally got a haircut, y’all.

I would say June’s been a pretty busy month for me. As a follow-up to my previous post, I’m still stuck in my room because we’re still remodeling and such. But at least I have Netflix on my laptop. I marathon’d way too many episodes of shows this month and I feel burnt out. And now as the weeks progress, there’s just not enough time for that anymore. But it sucks because there are so many shows I want to watch over summer. Next month, I will hopefully be studying for the GRE.

I’ve pretty found a decent schedule to follow, because y’all know I like a general routine. I wake up, I do a mini-French lesson, I eat. I go to work. I come home at various hours and then I eat. And then I surf the web or watch shows or distract myself. And then I hopefully find the energy to work out. And then I read and sleep. I try to go out a lot on weekends only. Busy busy busy. Once again, I’m in awe at how people work full-time and have lives. So I’m pretty sure my routines sound pretty boring and sometimes, it’s a quiet existence, but I’m enjoying being busy and actually not having time to do things for a change. It keeps me on my toes.

I got another part-time job at a doctor’s office a few weeks ago! It’s been rather fun, even though there’s a lot to learn and I’m stressin’ out sometimes. I work with someone I knew from high school, who actually gave me a recommendation after she knew I was applying. Who knew? Networking! So I pretty much have an income. Which is really odd to me. And I think I’m overspending. But it feels freeing.

For example, most of my friends graduating this year and coming home and celebrating and going out and having parties and stuff like that. Well, that weekend, I pretty much went crazy and spent way too much. But at the same time, celebrations are always worth it. I’m so happy (and sad) to see people growing and moving on with their lives and doing great things, whether it’s working or continuing to pursue education or taking time off because their not yet sure what they want to do. ANYTHING YOU DO WITH YOUR LIFE WILL HELP YOU GROW. Don’t let anyone rush you into things or make you feel like less of a person because you settled or you’re behind or you keep flip-flopping about your future. TAKE YOUR FUCKING TIME AND DO WHAT YOU WANT TO DO. You’re young. You’re alive. Be happy. Okay, so that was kind of a message I wanted to type out and read to myself, but it’s for your benefit too. Anyway, it feels like everyone will be moving on and summers like this will not last much longer. People are just busy year-round now! And that’s okay because it’s a part of growing up. I’m so proud of these people I’ve gotten to know; I’m happy to be able to have life-long friends that I can grow with. My sister was also home from the end of May until these graduations. And that was also a nice distraction and occupation of my time. It was weird because we’d both just chill in our rooms and be in really close proximity at all times. It’s something we’re not used to, probably something we haven’t done since we were kids. Nostalgia! Shoutout to all my friends that have graduated! And shoutout to my cousin Matthew for graduating high school!

A more recent example of spending money is that yesterday, I got a haircut (if you didn’t know, which would be weird because I posted it everywhere and was really excited). From an actual hair…expert. This is a pretty big deal for me, so bear with me because I like telling my hair stories. I’ve been cutting my own hair for the past ~5 years (excluding this past year and a couple weeks since I was letting it grow out), so naturally, I was hesitant to let someone else take over. After I buzzed my head for graduation last year, it was a mix of “I want to see how long I can grow this out” and “I will cut my hair when I get a job” and just general playing around with hairstyles like I tend to do. So after I got my tutoring job, I decided it was time to find a place to cut my hair properly. Those expensive Asian places and general shops like Super Cuts and stuff…they really didn’t cut it. And then I found CRATCHIT DANCKUT’S on Yelp. All 5 star reviews. I knew they had to be the one to do it because (1) I had the money to afford a nice cut and (2) after a year of growing out this mane, I wanted my hair to be in professional hands. I had to book 5 weeks in advance. Needless to say, it was so worth the wait and I feel so much better now that my hair is clean again. And they will definitely be my regular place from here on out for as long as we’re in the same vicinity.

This weather. It’s hot. But sometimes, the breeze feels just right. Or the night is pleasantly cool, yet warm. Fans on, windows open. I live for summer days like this. There’s not much time to sit around and be lazy, but when I do get the chance, it feels that much nicer just soaking in the sunshine.

Music of the month: The Belle Brigade’s album of the same name. Lorde’s EP The Love Club. These are nice summertime tunes that I’ve discovered this month and they make me really pensive and happy.

Shoutout: to Dhruv and Mike over at Destiny Pizzas. That’s a link to the latest episode, which I got to be a guest on again. Keep on podding!

And lastly, my fortune cookie from earlier this week:

“A merry heart maketh a cheerful countenance.”

This is pretty precious. And of course, my heart has been rather merry this month. I feel so much love right now and have so much to give, so maybe my face is more cheerful!

~ by Btab on 29 June 2013.

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