The Twenty-firsts

If the world ends, I wanted to make a post about what a great time I had on my birthday. It’s like three days late, but I spent the first few days of being 21 mostly sleeping and not wanting to get out of bed.

Anyway, a belated thanks to those people that came to celebrate with me (and those that took care of me afterward). And sorry for not even lasting that long and not even being able to go out after dinner LOLSOSAD.

I helped my dad put up Christmas lights for the first time. (Harder than you’d think…)

I ate at Elephant Bar for the first time. (Actually good, yay! And everyone was really nice.)

I got publicly intoxicated for the first time.
I sat at a bar for the first time.
I ordered a drink at the bar for the first time.
I had a lot of different drinks for the first time.

I lost an article of clothes for the first time. RIP beanie (Eileen says it’s a sign of a good night, lol).

I threw up for the first time. (TMI: it was like warm chunky liquid all over my mouth and nose and I was inhaling it and it was gross, but it felt really good and it just kept flowing out and would not stop and then it stopped and I felt a lot better but I don’t ever want to do that again (it was in front of my house and then I had to hose it off in the morning and I almost vomited again))

I think I hit like every spectrum of drunkenness for the first time. I say this because I distinctly remember crying at In N Out LOL.

I was hungover for the first time (since my first couple of times).

So I don’t know about everyone else (watching me get drunk, taking care of me, and going home early doesn’t sound fun at all), but I had a very memorable birthday (if not for the specifics, but for the general spirit of the night).

Okay, so that wasn’t 20 first things, but if anyone there has anything else to add, please let me know! I want to cherish this memory in my blog forever. FOREVER. FOREVER 21.

This week and the coming weeks will definitely help to bring up my spirits just getting into the holiday mood and celebrating and being with people I love and just being happy in general. January is when shit goes down, though. Now, it’s still a waiting game. I love December and Winter!

I actually haven’t been thinking too much about Resolutions. I think it has evolved to the point where I don’t need to make a list anymore. It’s all up in my head and I make steady progress on myself daily, so there’s nothing that I specifically want to add to my resolutions for the first time in a while. It feels nice to be generally happy with myself (look at me, being a grown up 21-year-old)!

If the world ends, it has been a genuine pleasure.

Thanks for reading!

~ by Btab on 20 December 2012.

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