The Fortune Cookie #18

Sam Woo started giving out fortune cookies! That was a nice surprise.

You are only starting on your path to success.

Well, isn’t that relevant as fuck? Though I could argue that my path to success started when I popped out of my mom, I wouldn’t want to brag.

After months of nothingness, before Sam Woo on Saturday, I went to the CHOC volunteer information session that I had signed up for a while ago. So I guess it really was a step toward my goals, symbolic in a way. Actually, it was kind of weird because there were a lot of high school juniors that have it all figured out and want to volunteer so they could look good on their college applications and what not. And others still in college, trying to figure things out but generally have a direction in life and are actively pursuing it. And then there’s me, who started several years too late and am trying to get back on “my path”, even though there were so many obstacles in the way (and there still are).


Anyhow, nothing like a good ol’ fortune cookie to steer me back on my journey toward self-actualization. Haven’t done one of these in a while, so I kind of feel nostalgic. Adventure ho!

~ by Btab on 10 December 2012.

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