The Mightiest Heroes

Bear Grylls makes quite an entrance.

A month has already passed and it’s already May. Time is really flying.

April went by pretty quickly because my mind was occupied with school stuff that pretty much stressed me out 24/7. I will find out if I’m in the clear pretty soon…

I really hadn’t been up to much until May rolled around. I’ve just been fanboying about everything Korra and…really, I don’t remember. April was way too much of a stressful blur and I think I forgot to exercise. Oh, I did start another experiment by slowing my roll. GET IT?! You will: I’ve been watching my RPMs and have started to be that slow person I used to hate so much. Now, I can’t stop driving slow. It’s just so much easier and as a side effect, seems to also calm me. Mainly, I just wanted to save gas and I think it’s working, but the difference is not yet noticeable as I still need more trials overall.

Anyway, May 3. The Avengers. What can I say that I haven’t already said/screamed? It was a perfect movie. I have no complaints, which I tend to find after mulling over films. I really want to see it again. On the other hand, I didn’t get the limited edition 3D glasses I desperately wanted, so that’s a shame and a half. I also didn’t get to see the TDKR trailer in theaters because they showed Brave twice. And as long as I’m airing out my complaints, they messed up the beginning of the movie. Getting out of the parking structure at 3 a.m. was a nightmare also. However! The line wasn’t too long, the wait passed by pretty quickly with awesome people, and of course, the movie made up for everything crappy that day, including those two midterms I had before. But. It’s so amazing. I’m still feeling residual happiness from that Thursday.

I had to wake up for lab the next morning, and I was surprised I made it to class. I think I was still pumped. The rest of the day was pretty uneventful or forgotten because cinco de mayo was the best day ever! Amadeo and I went to go see Bear Grylls at a nearby church. I’m still not sure why he was there exactly but apparently, it’s the only time he’ll be speaking in the US. Cool! There was a huge turnout and we arrived only an hour before, but we got like third row center seats, so it was pretty great. It was pretty scary because I was surrounded by rich white folks that probably wanted to indoctrinate me into their church or some shit…

So as an entrance, Bear repelled off the ceiling vents using some light cords! Legit. And it was basically us watching him being interviewed and learning about his life and stories and experiences and he did some demonstrations- fire starting, worm/maggot eating…At the end, he threw some of them at the audience and a maggot landed on Amadeo and then we kept it and named her “Brave” and also “Maggotina” but then she got lost in my car…so yeah…she’s somewhere in there. Anyway, he’s so awesome and has experienced so much and also owns an island. He’s pretty cool. Unfortunately, they said no cameras, so sadly as I always abide by rules, I didn’t bring it in. And he didn’t stick around for autographs or pictures, but that’s okay.

I feel like that guy in those deodorant commercials with Bear Grylls. LOL. I got my celeb fix…but I still need to go to Hollywood soon!

After, we went to the comic store by my house for Free Comic Book Day. Woo hoo! It was actually crowded and some guy was actually there with his mom. “Mother, I’m still looking at comics!” I got some free ones and then also got some 25 cent ones too. Gonna read those soon. It felt almost magical rifling through old comic books…kind of reminded me of Comic Con. WAHHHH.

After, we went to visit Alan and Kathy (and KB too) then went on various adventures ending up at Farrell’s because they were giving away free sundaes if we presented our ticket stub. So then the four of us pigged out and I kind of felt like a child again. Ate chili cheese fries like I didn’t care and then the sundae and they made balloon animals and everyone was singing happy birthday and it was loud and it was nice because I haven’t relaxed in a long time.

It was a great day because I didn’t go home early to study, I didn’t restrict myself on fast food (I also had Del Taco earlier that day), and I enjoyed hanging out with friends. “Feliz cinco de mayo, amigo!”

I got a couple hours of sleep before I woke up while it was still dark to go to Irvine and volunteer at the Cinco de Mayo Marathon (racing for the cure for pediatric cancer). I did this last year and it was so fun, I had to sign up this year…though I was hesitant to wake up so early. Nonetheless, it was still worth it and I got some free swag and Taco Bell and enjoyed my morning. I got to play with snakes and lizards too! So cute.

Also, I don’t have TB. Yay!

~ by Btab on 6 May 2012.

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