The Rush

Ah, the first week of school always seems stressful (but then it always gets worse as the quarter goes on). But it’s the last real quarter of undergraduate schooling I will have. Scary thought!

I’ve been pretty busy all week figuring out my class schedule and materials, going to APO rush events that keep me on campus for long hours, and researching all the internships I need to apply for. Oh, and fighting and losing my urges to play Arkham City. It’s too fun, but I’ve been good at not playing for too long…mainly because I have to get up early this quarter, so it seriously cuts out a lot of staying up late time.

Lately, I’ve felt like I’ve had no time to do anything! All the hours in the day seem to have disappeared. This leaves me feeling even more stressed out and trying to focus as much as possible. There hasn’t really been too much downtime, but I even tried to fit in some naps throughout the day when my laptop died and I couldn’t do anything without it. I know, it’s only week 1, too. Sigh, story of my life…

Even though I’ve felt tired quickly, it’s been a pretty great first week that hopefully can extend to the rest of the quarter. I’m excited to hopefully pick up a little this quarter and of course, enjoy the sunshine! I met a lot of potential rushees and this time just makes me so giddy. It’s been a year since I pledged and I remember how great it was like it was yesterday. I’m excited to interview the new pledges and get to know a lot more people. Can’t wait. Get it, Phi term!

Other things I wanted to do was to attend a few classes for fun. One class was a Greek mythology class, a subject I’m really interested in. I also heard the teacher was one of the best on campus. I was enrolled but had to drop due to schedule conflicts. It is early, but I may be able to attend some lectures once a week if I want to. Another class is about Comparing Cultures, which I enrolled in because I needed to sign up for it just in case my transcript from Saddleback didn’t go through. But I just checked and it is in, so I dropped it. I did attend lecture because I heard the teacher was also one of the best, and it was pretty interesting and engaging. However, I don’t know if I want to sit through it for another three hours after being up so early…and on hump day. It is pretty much the same stuff I learned in the online course at Saddleback, which was really interesting, and also which I just realized has really made me try to be a less prejudice/judgmental person. Also, the teacher for the course believes in something I also personally believe in: she believes in many religions, not just one, and is shaped by a lot of the beliefs surrounding her. I didn’t know anyone felt this way! So I may attend every so often just to listen to her. Another one is an easy biology course that I couldn’t get into because it’s popular and major-restricted. It’s limnology, but I heard the professor was the best biology professor at UCI, so I wanted to attend his lectures too. I plan to go next week!

My other classes have been weird. Neurobiology and Epidemiology have both felt like review, but I know they will get pretty hard soon. But also interesting! I also have Microbiology lab, which is turning out to be fun and way more interesting than stupid chemistry labs that I took as a freshman/sophomore. I got to buy a white lab coat and look all professional as I went to the bathroom to swab my asshole. But in all seriousness, pretty interesting stuff about microbes on the body!

I’ve barely had time to work out or read this week, but hopefully I’ll get into the swing of things soon. Once I figure out all this internship stuff that I’ve been stressing over…

Happy 10th Anniversary, Rho Rho!

~ by Btab on 7 April 2012.

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