The Dragonfruit

Yesterday, we celebrated the New Year, even though we were almost a week late. I don’t know what the reason was, but it doesn’t matter what or when I’m celebrating with family…as long as I see them to enjoy their company. It was hot out, but I of course had to wear my hoodie to cover up the tattoo. Matthew and I also bought  The Hundreds hats because they were having a 50% off sale. I finally got the hat I wanted! Spending money before we got any? Yes. A lot of Asian food. We played board games and app games and had a fun time.

I feel like children are sometimes smarter than I give them credit for. We can actually hold a pretty stable game of Pictionary even though the age groups varied so drastically. Time went quickly.

But something amazing happened. And I’ve never heard of this happening before. I was playing Fruit Ninja and in the middle of the action, a lone dragonfruit glides across the screen in slow motion. My brain didn’t even realize it was a unique fruit until after my finger slashed it up. But anyway, after I cut it, the screen read “Ultrarare fruit +50”. What the fuck?! Okay, so I guess I’m the only one that was actually excited about this. I thought it was pretty cool.

This weekend, I put off doing homework in lieu of other stuff. This was in part due to the fact that the homework wasn’t pressing and I could put it off. It was also due to my newfound desire to play old videogames. After playing Arkham Asylum, I was looking at my (rather small) collection of games. I pretty got all the trophies I wanted for all of them. Except one! Final Fantasy XIII.

On a tangent, I kind of miss the days when I could spend hours after school playing videogames. I would put hundreds of hours into a game and be able to do everything and play it many times over. I don’t really have that luxury anymore and although it’s depressing, it has also allowed me to (1) explore other avenues of fun and (2) stop wasting money I don’t have on new games. I’m still waiting for Arkham City to go down to $20.

Anyway, back to Final Fantasy XIII, a game that occupied a lot of time on this blog, a game that I got almost 2 years ago and I remember I was so excited for it that I had to have it right away. And then I also bought Pokemon: SoulSilver around the same time. Gosh, all that money gone…As for FFXIII, I only beat it once and then grinded until I maxed out all my characters and then left it on the shelf. Unlike with other games (more specifically, other FF games), I didn’t feel the urge to replay it again for a multitude of reasons. But I did still have a few trophies that I thought I might be able to get. I finally got one that was plaguing my subconscious for the past 2 years- Adamant Will. Yes, I finally found a good strategy to use to slay a Long Gui! No one understands my excitement. So then, I decided that I should go after the other trophy (the one where I get 5 stars on all the missions). Sadly (because it won’t last as long as I thought) and not sadly (because I should be spending my time more wisely), I am almost finished with all of them. They were easier than I thought, I don’t remember why I didn’t attempt them. As for the last trophy, I will sadly not be going for this one (the one where I have to get all the items or something). It would take too much time and I would have to start over (without New Game+, what the fuck) and be weak for a majority of the game. I tend to be a trophy whore, but I’m not that hardcore.

So yeah. That’s what I did all weekend. No more games for me!

I also had a dream last night about something apparently really awesome and then I remember saying in the dream that I can’t wait to blog about it. But then I woke up and didn’t remember what it was and then I also realized that something amazing didn’t actually happen. Aww man, dream blog beats real blog…

Update: I just spent the last 5 hours trying to get the last couple missions. So difficult! But anyway, yeah, I’m L’Cie Paragon. Jealous? You shouldn’t be. That was a waste of time. Okay, now I’m done. Phew, that will hold me for a few more months before I have to hold and use a PS3 controller again.

~ by Btab on 30 January 2012.

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