The Immortals

A highlight of the weekend was, sadly if you think about it too long, watching the movie, Immortals. It thrust me back into my love for Greek mythology. Sometimes, I can forget some of my interests when dealing with real life. Hmm. Makes me think. Also, did you know that The Hunger Games trilogy, like this film, is also based on the Greek myth of Theseus and the minotaur? Cool story, bro.

The first week of school wasn’t too bad. I’ve just been getting used to the schedule. So far, things have been pretty chill because there are no tests. I’ve missed seeing people I know on campus, saying hi, and sitting with people in class. Yay for school, right?! I’ll be singing another tune in a couple of weeks! But thank the gods of Olympus for this three-day weekend…it’s kind of like weaning myself off of winter break slowly.

Some pretty major shit has gone down in the past week.

I got into Public Health Sciences as my new major. Promptly after it was approved, I applied for graduation this summer. It’s very official, and there’s no turning back. It’s pretty set in stone, but I’m going to the counselor to make sure next week. It’s kind of a weird feeling because I’ve been planning for this for a year now, but it’s now done. Now, it feels like everything is happening so fast. There is no time ever! ..I’m sure you guys have probably heard all this from me over and over in the past few months. Please excuse it all, I’m just pretty excited/anxious.

I put other hobbies aside for the moment to design my first tattoo. There were a lot of drafts and a lot of drastic changes, but I’ve finally settled with what I want. I already have the rough designs for my second, third, and fourth tattoos as well! I’m going to get addicted to inking myself…but only on the left side! I’m keeping my right half pristine, I’ve decided. It’s weird, every time I think of a new tattoo, I think how cool it’d look on the left side of my body. I really do believe that tattooing is so beautiful if done correctly, so I want my body to be a canvas for beautiful ink to stay forever. I’ve been wanting tattoos since I turned 18; it’s been a long time coming, but finally, I’m planning on getting it within the next couple of weeks.

Since the world my undergraduate career is ending, I also started inventorying my old textbooks. And I’ve become addicted to online selling almost as much as online shopping! I had a stack of high school AP/SAT/ACT/IB test-prep books that I plan to donate to the library. However, I am keeping my biology/chemistry textbooks from college that may be useful in the future. What I plan on selling is all the books from GE courses. It’s crazy how much books cost. I spent ~$500 on “useless” textbooks, used them for a quarter, and now have them laying around to sell. I put them up on Amazon, and so far, have had a return rate of ~50%, selling the majority of them within the first 24 hours (which surprised me, as I didn’t think any of them would sell). The return rate is pretty sad, but hey- any money back is good, I guess. It just sucks when a newer edition has come out and the book you bought is now worth nothing. Mainly, the books from my favorite class have quickly been sold. This class is Classics 45A, all about Rome mythology. It was a lot of reading, but it was so fun. Good memories. I sat around reminiscing for a while…

With the recent earnings from selling books, I finally purchased a…new laptop battery! It will be here soon. But can you just imagine…no more slaving away by running to classes, being super early, and being alone…just to sit by an outlet! Oh, the sacrifices I will no longer have to make. Yes, this is a big deal to me because it’s annoying that my laptop only lasts 7 minutes without being plugged in. Something dire may happen where I will need my laptop but it will have died. Luckily, it hasn’t happened yet. But anyway…this battery lasted a solid 3.25 years, so I’m happy about that. Let’s hope this new battery has long life.

Life feels pretty great right now. It’s moments like these that I want to keep with me for the rest of my life. I feel like I am accomplishing stuff.

~ by Btab on 16 January 2012.

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