The 19

My Christmas card. Hey, has anybody seen Perry? (It's not to late to send these out! I have a very HQ version...)

So. It seems like an annual tradition that I post around this time. I’m either posting December 16, 17, or 18, I can never remember correctly. You know how there are different important time periods in a relationship? That’s like this blog. November 2009 was when I created the blog. So that would be when we met. December 16, 2009 was my first official post besides the ones in November. So that’s like when we first started dating. December 18, 2009 was my first post in the 365 Portraits project. So that’s like when we started going steady. December 17, 2010 was when I finished the 365 Portraits project. So that’s when we got married and started the marriage phase where I post whenever I want to. It all makes sense, right? I don’t know, I just made that up on the spot.

But anyway. Here we are. December 16. My last day of being a teenager, so I guess it’s a pretty important milestone. Previous to my 19th birthday, I threw a party every year since around middle/high school. For my 19th, I just threw a Christmas party. This year, I decided not to plan anything and leave it up to chance. What will I do tomorrow? In honesty, I’ll probably be sleeping for half the day. And then sit around doing nothing. This is all rationalized in the idea that I will do something awesome for my 21st next year. We will see.

It’s also been an official week since I finished finals and began Winter Break. It has been very nice. I decided to give my first week up to nothing. So I slept and watched movies and hung out with friends. From the 10th to the 14th, I watched 18 movies that I’ve had on my list since the beginning of 2011. No time, no money. There would have been more, but the website I use doesn’t have them all up yet, so I still have some on my To-Watch list. On the other hand, it probably seems like a small amount of movies to want to watch for the entire year. I’m not really sure, I just see trailers and if it’s interesting, I’ll add it to the list. There’s probably a ton of great movies of 2011 that I will never see. All of the movies I did see were pretty good, but none broke into my favorites. That’s slightly unfortunate, but then again, I am running out of room on my shelf for new movies.

Besides movies, I also hung out with Alan and Amadeo for a couple days in between. Videogames, photoshoot, visiting Kathy, baking with Ryan, planning ideas of what to do for the rest of break, etc. Actually, that was over the weekend, as I haven’t been out of the house for like 4 days. I slept for more than half the day and whatever hours I had left, I was spending watching movies. Oops.

In the next 3 weeks before school, I have a strict schedule to keep up with, so I’m excited for that. It’s oddly freeing not having to worry about eating enough calories for the day. But I probably lost a ton of weight and back at my skinny self again. Just kidding, still fat.

I’ll keep you posted.

So. It has been a pretty great year in terms of a lot of stuff that I won’t go into detail about. I learned a lot about myself and others. So much shit I don’t remember. But that’s what this blog is for! People’s Choice Awards with Shannon. Visiting Alan in UCLA by myself. Wicked with my sister. ALPHA PHI OMEGA. Concerts, concerts, concerts. Those dreaded summer classes. Getting fat all year. Learning who my real friends are. And all the little things in between that made my year so enjoyable and stressful and amazing.

I don’t really know what to say. My year of being 19 has been an eye-opener. It’s hard to explain, but I feel different and revitalized. I have a new-found appreciation for my life. Here’s to the next 20 years being even more wonderful and different!

~ by Btab on 16 December 2011.

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