The Longest Legs

These days, I get a lot of hits on this site from a few things mainly. Besides when I post something new, people actually go on here because of that one picture of Brenda Song I posted (back before she had a nasty husband and baby bump), that one picture of Dijonay from the Proud Family I posted (because my hair looked like hers), and those pictures of my Top 5 walks on the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2010.

Today, when the show started here on the West Coast, I got a huge surge from people searching about the show. I do not aim to disappoint! So I guess, here I am again this year to continue tradition.


  • Candice got to open! Any time they show her in the behind the scenes stuff, I just melt because her accent is so hot and she is just so beautiful.
  • The themes were pretty good; I loved the superhero and aquatic themes!
  • The performances were great, and the songs they chose for non-performance runways were perfect too. Good music all around!
  • Erin is a nerd! What a cutie.
  • I saw some Izabel!
  • Alessandra is still a hottie.
  • Okay, I admit, Miranda looks banging.


  • There was barely any Candice!
  • Really, CBS, you’re going to censor the butts? VSFS is all about beauty and the female form. How dare you censor their nice asses!
  • New girls were…eh (in relativity to my favorites). I wonder where Rosie was…

Here are my favorite girls in their hottest outfits tonight:

1. Candice Swanepoel

2. Erin Heatherton

3. Miranda Kerr

4. Alessandra Ambrosio

5. Izabel Goulart

Until next year! Looking at this will last me until then (I mean, just look at their legs, gosh…)!

~ by Btab on 29 November 2011.

One Response to “The Longest Legs”

  1. Ah… the VSS Fashion Show… always a highlight of the holiday season. Nice post and fabulous photos!

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