The Holiday Wishlist

It’s that time of year again! Namely, the time after Black Friday where (if I didn’t get what I wanted) I can list all the stuff that I plan on getting for my birthday and Christmas and VNY (Vietnamese New Year, duh).

What I got this year: First, I ordered Firefly and Serenity on Amazon mid-November because there was a great deal on it. So I started early, so what, who cares?! Come Thursday night (Black Thursday, because bitches be crazy), my sister got a DSLR camera (yay, I can be all professional/fobby photographer/hobbyist). I’m still planning on buying a watch and some Blu-rays on Amazon soon.

The experience: Ew. People are so disgusting. Besides my disdain for Black Friday shoppers, I do enjoy myself a good deal. It’s also extremely disgusting that Target and Walmart and others open on Thanksgiving night. Capitalist bitches. So my sister and I went to Walmart at 10 and there’s this huge line and the parking lot is full and they only allow a certain number of people in at a time. It was ridiculous. What could people possibly want so badly at WalMart? I saw someone get toilet paper. Oh, the things you see and hear in a WalMart parking lot. I can’t believe I was counted among the WalMart shoppers, trashy and desperate as they were. So we waited 2 hours to get the camera because electronics go on sale at midnight and they only had 10 so we had to go early. After, we stopped by Mega Target to see what’s up. No good deals on anything. It was like nothing was on sale. Yet people still flocked…I don’t understand. I decided to stay up until Black Friday to go to the mall. I watched The Ward, which was so stupid, but Lyndsy Fonseca, so you know. As dumb as it was, I couldn’t sleep. So I just watched some old cartoons and then went to the mall. Nothing, nothing, nothing. First, I think because my sister got that camera, I didn’t feel the need to spend money. Second, all I have on my list is clothes. Third, if I don’t know exactly what items of clothes I want, and I’m just browsing, I tend not to buy anything. Fourth, there weren’t too many good deals this year. Fifth, I’m not sure if I should be buying clothes in my current physical status (fat). However, I was really tempted to buy some stuff at the Disney store because they have amazing deals on Black Friday. Some ho stole the last giant Mickey.

What I learned from last year’s list: I definitely need to think more about whether or not I want something. The things that I never got kind of just disappeared out of my mind and I was able to rationalize why I didn’t want them anymore. I saved myself a lot of money that way. Last year, I wanted a lot of clothes. I guess this year’s list is way more grandiose than last year’s, so I know I won’t be able to get everything I want.

A reflection on myself: So we all know I’m a greedy muhfuhc, and having enough is never enough, and I need to appreciate my life a little more yadayada. But I think I’ve gotten a lot better with my money over the span of this year. I really knew what it was like to try and support myself (okay, relatively speaking) and what it was like to have no extra money except for food. And it was so easy to be overweight because of all the cheap fast food. But I stopped splurging and became more patient. I got things used or waited for the price to go down, etc. It wasn’t too hard, but it’d be nice to one day be able to just spend freely (like back in the good ol’ days of my early teen years where money grew on trees and there were no financial obligations to worry about (like where my cousin is now (I do encourage him to spend because he makes a lot of money and he likes buying stuff and it made me happy when I got stuff))). He’ll be where I am now one day and he can reflect and learn for himself. Subtle life lessons, bitches.

I’m still working on the whole charity thing. That whole thing about poor people donating more is bullshit. I do wish it were true though. I’m still working on getting gifts for friends. Like anytime something reminds me of someone and I think they’d like it, I could be like ‘Hey, I have money to spare’ and just get it. One day I’ll be rich enough to do that and be able to find a nice charity to focus on and put my efforts into (and on top of that, spend on myself).

But anyway, since the holidays are times where I can splurge and get myself what makes me happy, here’s the list!


  • Clothes (because you can never have enough clothes)
  • Tattoo (because I’ve figured out exactly what I want)
  • Childish Gambino Camp vinyl (because it belongs on my wall)
  • Axolotl (because they’re so cute) Maybe another time, because I’d rather focus my funds on other things, but it will forever be on my mind!
  • Octopus (because holy shit, pet octopuses are less than $100) Okay, exotic pets of my future, you’re at #4.
  • Smallville (because I need to collect all seasons of my favorite shows for my collection) When the whole collection comes out on Blu-ray, I’m splurging.


20 will be a big year for me!

~ by Btab on 25 November 2011.

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