The Boy Who Lived

Mere minutes ago, I finished the final chapters of Harry Potter, those chapters being the subject of Part II. It was a mere 2.25 months ago when I saw the film, one of the first major events I remember of this summer. And what a short summer it has been. Honestly, I don’t remember too much of this summer, but there are things that stuck out to me: Harry Potter, concerts, and trees.

Oh, Harry Potter. Why did I begin with you? There is just so much to say. From the moment I watched the final movie, I was thrust back into magic. It has really been a main part of my summer. This will sound lame to some people, but most days that I woke up and if I didn’t already have plans, I would just read. And that’s what I’d want to do and it felt nice…it felt nice to actually want to read. I now understand how bookworms feel. It’s a great escape and a beautiful inspiration. It felt great to read, to go on Pottermore (for a time), to dream up stories and pieces of art, and to sort people into their respective houses. I do hope to continue to read during school, but there really is never any time…I am glad (and surprised) I got through all the Harry Potter books in one summer and in perfect timing for school. Unfortunately, I have not come up with an inspiring idea for a Harry Potter themed tattoo still.

I went to like 3 concerts this summer (just look at the last several posts), and it’s significant because they were my first ever. I was so hooked on live music! I actually could have gone to so much more, but I chose to skip out on some. I do like the fact that I already have my ticket for Childish Gambino this November. I’m currently trying to memorize his rhymes.

I also saw a lot of trees this summer. Let’s just say I went to the forest five times before I finally got…lost. Let’s also say that I don’t really care to go back to the forest, but am not against it either. Hehe.

I did blog a lot more than once a month this summer, which I like. Instead of certain time periods, I decided to blog whenever there was something that needed to be blogged and expanded upon in my mind.

These last couple of weeks  have been really nice and really low-key. I’ve just been relaxing. I got to organize my life and get it back on track; I got to enjoy the company of friends without worry; and I got to be with myself, which I really needed. I love times to enjoy the peace of one’s own thoughts. Sometimes, I found myself looking forward to the school year and what this new quarter would bring…

I also was excited that this week was the beginning of the fall television season and it did not disappoint! Although, I do have way too many shows to try and keep up with (more than normal for me, probably less than normal for a lot of people (this is why I never understood how people can have more than basic cable, it’s just too much options)).

Inevitably, today was my first day of school. I only had class at night. Although it was a 3-hour class once a week, after going through 6-hour classes five days a week, it was a breeze. It was my first upper-division class and I was freaked out because I actually had no idea what it was about, but I just signed up for it because it was an available option. It may turn out to be interesting because it’s about mapping/statistics (Geographic Information Systems), a change of course, for once.

I did a lot of new things this summer. I had never expected to do any of the many things I did do (a lot of stuff probably forgotten), but I am glad I did. It was a truly remarkable summer, yet I do feel that it was quite short and unremarkable if I were to recant tales for someone. I lived fully this summer.

Oh and happy birthday to my friend, Amadeo and since it’s past midnight, to my big, Emily! Love you both though I may not show it in gift form any time soon because I am currently financially unstable!

My goal was (and always is) to never be bored. And not a day was wasted! All was well.

~ by Btab on 22 September 2011.

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