The Festival

I love you all. So. Much.

What a whirlwind last week. The stress was just unending. But it’s all over. Today is the first day I got to sleep in in a long time…and so I slept until late afternoon. And it felt so good! I’m officially free for a little over a week, so I just gotta finish up some minute things, read, and hang out.

I finished my UCI finals on Tuesday and Wednesday. I finished my EMT written final on Thursday. I finished my EMT skills practicals on Friday. And I finished my ride-along on Saturday. So I passed my EMT class! I just have to register for the national test, pass the test, and then find a job. More worry!

It does feel kind of weird. As much as I complained and stressed, there is a tiny part of me that misses the class. I was so used to going in every day for a month and sitting there with the same people for all those hours. We had a good time. I will miss some of those people, for sure. I will also miss staying over at my cousin’s house. Don’t get me wrong though, I’m glad it’s all over.

It was such a wave of relief when I went in on Friday and got my grade. I passed the written final. So all I had to worry about were the skills. I couldn’t fail when I was so close to the end! But it was a lot of waiting around and anticipation, but we all also had a good time laughing and telling stories while we waited to be called in. After that I was over, I was ready to go home and rest. Saturday morning, I woke up to some gloominess as I went back to Long Beach to do my ride-along. It wasn’t 911 response, so it wasn’t all too exciting. I got to transfer a lot of old people and just watch my EMT’s do their job. Luckily, they did seem like they enjoyed their day and they weren’t cynical or anything. One of them was doing it for PA school and the other was doing it because the police departments weren’t hiring. They enjoyed their jobs, but were also disillusioned to it. They weren’t idealizing everything, but were very honest to me. I liked that. It was a long 10 hours, and we got an average of 1 patient every 2 hours. After that was over, I went back to my EMT classroom for the last time to drop off my ride-along sheet. I was done!

The next morning, I got the privilege to go to Doheny Days Music Festival (at Doheny Beach) through my fraternity. Besides the free swag and music, I really liked what we were doing. Our job was to make sure people separated their trash into the right receptacles because it’s much more efficient that way. And of course, it’s great for the environment. It felt good doing that, but I also started hating how people were so ignorant about trash. A lot of people also can’t read. It was annoying, but there were some good people too.

After we got to the festival, we got to walk around for a bit to get some free swag. Then I got to be in a good trash area right between the two main stages. It was a little slow because traffic in that particular area was slow. Finally, after a few hours, Neon Trees got on stage and rocked it. They were awesome! I was still working so I didn’t go all the way to the front of the stage, though I could have. I stayed by my trashcans and got a good view of them, and of course, all the drunk/high people everywhere. So amusing.

Right after they ended, I ran to the booth where I found out they were doing signings (I saw a sign when I was walking around earlier). I made it to second in line! Waiting for a while with much anticipation and then they just come up. I had them sign my volunteer shirt, but no pictures were allowed, so that was disappointing (I do like my pictures better than autographs). It was short-lived, but amazing. I was praising them the whole time; they were really nice. They wanted to shake my hand. My hand. As in they put out their hands first. HA! So cool. That was a major highlight of yesterday just because I wasn’t even expecting to meet them.

And then I went to go meet up with the others, listened to Cake and a little bit of Ziggy Marley, we went to go eat, and then came back for Weezer. Man, it was packed. They did a really good job too. Rivers Cuomo is too funny. Loved their stuff, but it seemed really short. The day was already over…we hung out afterward and it was already so late. Yesterday was a perfect break from all the crazy that had plagued my life for the past month.

I learned so much, academically. I also learned a lot about myself and my personal abilities. And I also learned how trivial some peoples’ problems are. It’s strange how when I listen to people complain now, it just doesn’t seem significant at all. I’m not saying that what I went through was the hardest thing ever, but people need to stop complaining over little things. I don’t know, it makes me put things into perspective.

After working so hard during the summer, I’m not sure if I can go back to doing nothing for the next few days. But I’ll sure try!

~ by Btab on 12 September 2011.

2 Responses to “The Festival”

  1. hey bro , my name is jose i just wanted to ask did u take ur emt classes at lbcc or as a trade school.
    and what are ur plans to be a pa or a rn, sorry for so many questions i just want to make sure i know what im getting my self in to..
    i want to be a paramedic i like helping people ,.. theres a school in signal hill for $950 and u get certifed in 5 weeks … but i heard its hard cause they cramp everything together..


    i like ur web page i just came across it and started reading… five stars ***** ….

    • Hello!

      I took my class at the Signal Hill one! It was only $750 for me, and 4 weeks long. And it was intense, but I also was taking other classes at the same time. I recommend it if you have no other commitments because it takes a lot, but other people in the class told me they learned a lot more.

      The only reason I took it there was because all the other community college classes were filled up already. If you have a semester and can get it, you should take it at community college for cheaper.

      And thank you!

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