The June Bugs

I was surfing Threadless for new shirts, and I came across this piece. Now this is almost exactly how I imagined my octopus tattoo. It's not going to be my first tattoo, but probably my third.

Wow, that month just flew by. And now I only have like a month of summer left…because I just realized I’ll be busy all day, five days a week when August rolls around. Not looking forward to it, but at the same time, looking forward to doing something. I gave up routines for June, for some reason…but it’s time to get back on track in July– waking up early, sleeping earlier, working out, eating more.

Let’s see…memorable events:

School was the first week. The next week was finals, and subsequently, worrying about grades. My sister’s graduation was that week, and then mid-June was Capo’s graduation. After my sister’s graduation, I downloaded and played inFAMOUS and LBP, but I beat those, so I recently moved on to Pokemon.

I watched Green Lantern, The Hangover Part II, X-Men: First Class, and Super 8. I got inspired to write a script, which officially started two days ago. I have finished the first 2 scenes. I have come up with a process where I come up with a scene in my head, play it out, and then start writing it down. And then I have to alter it to make it more realistic.

I also had an online course, which takes up more time than you’d think. It’s always in the back of my head because I don’t want to forget about it and not do my stuff in time. I spent a good amount of time finishing my project…and I got 50/50! I was surprised because it was the only subjective part of the grade and it was worth the most. Now, I just have to get 20.5/30 on the final and I’ll get an A. Phew! My teacher left us all comments, and she wrote that it was refreshing to read such a perfect paper. I wish it was just as easy to please UCI professors. It really brought me back to those times when it was so easy to get an A. Wow, it’s been 2 years of bad grades. Boo. (And this has been one of those rare times I will bring up my grades and sound slightly pretentious about it)

I’ve been able to hang out with my cousin a lot more because he’s able to drive now, so he drove down to hang out for a couple of days. Of course, all we do is shop and play games. So I spent a lot of money…

Actually, I finally bought another pair of shorts. Woo! A lot of money went to food. And a lot of money went to those McDonald’s Pokemon toys, but I got lucky and every time I went, they had the ones I wanted. I got 4, and can now display them in my room. Hahaha, I probably sound like such a loser, but I love when things like this just work out. I’ve been shopping around for clothes, lately. I think I’m going through one of those phases where I want to rework my wardrobe. And by that, I mean I want to buy a bunch of different shirts and expand.

If I’m not out on random adventures, I’ll be sitting at home…doing nothing, really. I don’t really know where the time goes. In any case, I’ve had some great adventures hanging out with cool cats like: Kathy, Dhruv, Alex, Amadeo, Alan, and Randy. I think summer school is getting in the way this summer, for this is the first summer that all my friends and I are taking summer school, so we’re all busy at different times, etc. I gotta make those hangouts meaningful!
I’ve also learned that I’m pretty bad at balancing friends, because everyone is like in different groups (as opposed to where it was easier to hang out with “the group” all at the same time). This also applies to APO/UCI people, who I haven’t seen in so long! Actually, my parking just expired, so this month will be avoiding-Irvine-cops month.
I’ve also learned who the people in my life are worth it. In my last, last post, I made the mistake of making an effort for those who don’t care. Yes, I will still initiate, but if it’s not reciprocated, you’re clearly not worth it. This only applies to my friends from home, whom I would think would want to hang out when we’re all at home for the summer (and it’s not the quarter, so I’m not busy pledging). But that’s not the case for some people. So why bother?
I feel like I’ve told myself this before, but as a reminder, I’ve got to really nurture the friendships that mean something to me. And as much as I’d like to be really close with all of my friends, I’ve also learned that I have to let people be. I can’t push people to tell me all their secrets, as much as I’d want to feel trusted. Some people just aren’t like that, and I’m learning to be okay with that.

PS None of this is personally attacking any one person. It’s a generalization I can make based on my observations in the last month. Ew, it all sounds so passive aggressive. I hate passive aggression. I would like to think it’s more of my realizations being typed out.

As July rolls around, plans can start coming to fruition! So I can’t wait for mega-adventures, to balance all the small, but meaningful ones I already experienced and will be able to experience. Whee!

~ by Btab on 1 July 2011.

One Response to “The June Bugs”

  1. What’s funny is that i think you captured the month of June for the average college student, not just yourself, with the less personal events (movies, inFAMOUS, etc.). And the different group of friends thing is definitely big with college students. Kinda sucks, but what can you do?

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