The One Week In Spring

LOL $12 for special alcohol. Green elixir?! I have the greatest desire to mix drinks. Always. Sigh...In case you were curious and can't read it, Elphaba is made with Sparkling Apple martini and Grey Goose, while Glinda is made with Sparkling White Wine and cranberry. Innovative!

Can’t believe Spring Break is ending in a few hours. Just kidding, I can believe it, but this feeling always happens to me at the end of a break. This break felt unusually short, but maybe I was just busier? Let us reminisce…

So it turns out my grades were pretty horrid, and it turns out I should’ve studied for that last test instead of painting, but what can I do when the curve works against you (got good grades on tests, but a lot of people did slightly better, so my overall grade was pushed down). Strangely, when I looked at my grades, I was just relieved I passed all my classes. And they’re not horrible as stand-alone grades. But I have to take into consideration a few things. First, grad schools like to see improvement. I found it hard to improve on my A last quarter, so that sucks. Second, my low grades haven’t affected my GPA too much. I know if I got a 4.0, my grade would barely rise, as well. So basically I’m screwed either way. This quarter, with bad grades, I felt less bad because my GPA didn’t move too much (and I guess it never will). These have been my lowest overall grades, sadly. But I got to look on the bright side. There were no C’s, so grad schools have to consider my mediocre-yet-not-dismal performance, right?! Ugh.

My break mainly consisted of hanging out with friends, not spending money, stressing out over summer school, and a lot of gaming.

After my last final, it was my mom’s birthday, so we had Boiling Crab (my second time). And then I had Boiling Crab leftovers, which is stealing their sauce and putting seafood in it. And then I went to Boiling Crab during the week with friends for Ryan’s first time. And then we had Boiling Crab yesterday because my parents were in the area so they wanted to bring some home for us. Yeah, that’s Boiling Crab 4 times within the week. Addicted. I think I found my formulaic order, though, so that’s novel. The other times I went out for food were at Tastea, which is overrated organic crap, and some Philly Cheesesteak place which was really good and though I forgot the name, but I really want to go back there and eat their cheesesteak fries…

I finally beat Dead Rising 2 with a hefty percentage of trophies, enough to make me say, “alright, moving on”. So good, so good. And then I played God of War III for the past few days, beating it fairly quickly. I love it so much and it reminds me how much I love Greek mythology. And I do love my Greek mythology. So. Much. Both very good games in their own way. The rest of the gaming time was spent playing Pokemon Black, also quite divine in its own right. You know, I found it hard balancing a few games at a time, seeing as how I can normally only afford one game at a time. On top of that, the PS3 were rentals and we had to cancel our free trial and finish the games before a certain date. But at least I feel I’ve played the games I wanted to try out in the past but never wanted to shell out money to buy! I hope Black will last me the rest of the quarter, meaning I hope I’m too busy to play it!

I’m excited for Spring Quarter. I think my schedule is nice, though there are no days off this time. And I may be taking EMT classes during the school year if I can fit it in (or I don’t get into the summer ones, which we will find out in a week)…which can be stressful on top of 4 finals in 2 days and attempting to rush. Still having qualms about this whole frat stuff, but if I only have a year left, I gotta do something! There’s so much more, but I won’t delve back into those details.

Shit. I am blanking on everything I did with my friends. This is what happens when I don’t use WordPress for a long time! Well, by far the most memorable moment of break was on Friday when my sister took me to see Wicked at the OCPAC. She bought us tickets at the end of last quarter, so I’ve been waiting all quarter to go! Here’s some personal nostalgia stuff that you may laugh at. She read the book when it came out and then she said I should read it, so I did. And then she bought the soundtrack, and we basically listened to it during our drives to school when I was in 9th grade (seeing as how she drove me and I had no control of the radio…). So I knew all the songs. But what was awesome was that the way it played out in my head all those years ago was completely different than how the story went on stage! I was pleasantly surprised. And live is so much better. I haven’t been to a play since Lion King at the Pantages when I was in 5th grade (allegedly from memory), and no, my high school’s production of Grease and that Aladdin musical at Disneyland do not count. It was truly good. Let me take you through the day.

Apparently, I was under-dressed before we left, but I didn’t believe my sister when she told me. But we went to South Coast Plaza, the upperclass mall next to the Orange County Performing Arts Center to shop around a bit. Of course, I rarely go here because it’s all brand name shops that are overpriced. Rich people (mainly old people and fobs) flocking everywhere with their bags, with nothing better to do on a Friday evening. And then we ate at Corner Bakery, expensive but such good pasta, it’s ridiculous. And then we went to the OCPAC, where people were really dressed nicely. Like suits and buttoned shirts and dresses and expensive jewelery and crap. Sheesh. I can just picture it– rich people who have nothing better to do but culture themselves in theatrical productions decide to purchase pricey tickets to Wicked and dress to the nines when they go out for a casual musical. Ha!

Despite being bitter and scoffing at all these people, I had a marvelous time hanging out with the sis, who is also rich, so treated me to everything. Yay!

Well, everything else, I pretty much forgot. Oops. Oh, some pretty bizarro dreams, which I have also forgotten. Boo. I’ve also failed at regimenting myself, because it’s break, so naturally I don’t work out and I don’t eat right. Calories are so hard to come by when you don’t wake up in time for breakfast and have to scrounge for food at the end of the day!

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