The February Update

Oh, despicable me.

Hm, it seems I have been avoiding blogging lately, but a lot of my “thinking time” has been converted to focusing on school/future/etc. It seems I haven’t blogged for 3 weeks and then some! Dang. Well, it’s kind of late/early and I just watched Se7en (David Fincher is one of my new favorites), so I’m freaking out right now and trying to avoid sleeping.

I’ve actually had a lot of random thoughts lately, where I think…oh, that’ll be fun to write about in my blog; because if you know my blogging style, it’s very “start with one idea and just type until you’ve satisfied that thought process”. Most recently, I remember that I sat in on a class for the first time (I think) earlier this week…I think it was for an Econ/Management/Business course, but it was all quite confusing to me. I was only there because discussion was canceled or something like that. Another random memory from maybe a week ago was that I had an awesome dream where I made out with Aly Michalka and Ashley Tisdale consecutively. Good times.

Anyhow, lately, I’ve been in a good mood because midterms are over and things seem to be going according to plan. I’ve been trying to finish a bunch of homework because this weekend is the only time I can actually have some hangout time (haven’t had it since Winter Break) and simply relax before next weekend, where I will have to start studying for the rest of the quarter. I also went to talk to a counselor on Wednesday and all my qualms about switching into Public Health Sciences as a major have been quelled and I’m pretty sure I shall officially switch in June. It’s an exciting prospect.

More recently, I’m also on an official diet. I’ve started working out more while watching television, instead of just laying around (though there are times when I just waste away on the couch like old times). If only I could afford heavier weights, but they’re like $1/lb. Psh. But also, I want to gain weight– I’ve tried this before and it doesn’t work when you’re just eating a bunch of bread and peanut butter. Damn. I have got to start calorie counting, etc. It seems I’ve fallen back into an undesirable weight limit, so I should pack in more meals in the day and avoid trans fats (hehe organic chemistry tie-in). This is all my plan, anyway.

Last weekend was New Years, which was nice, though the Saturday was mostly spent finishing homework frantically before heading to my aunt’s, but we only stayed briefly. Ate some good Vietnamese food and got to see the family. I think I was in a really joyous mood because I hadn’t been out in so long and I wasn’t worrying about anything.

Yesterday (Thursday), I took a trip up to UCLA to visit Alan, Charleen, Loraine, and Perry (and thankfully, I was able to see all of them– goal achieved!). It didn’t start out so hot…I left at 6:30 a.m. and got there at 9:30 a.m. It was so much worse than I thought. But a lot of reflection time (and Taylor Swift). I wondered how many of those people did this every day and had to sit through that every…single…day, like just for work or something. Wow. Admirable. When I got there, I still got lost all up and down Westwood, and then around UCLA, and then finally, I parked and we briskly trotted to class. Another sit-in! It was an upper-div Bioengineering class that confused the hell out of me for two hours. I was falling asleep in the second half-hour and starved toward the third half-hour, but in the final stretch, I managed to keep it together. The teacher was basically the shit, so I found some stuff interesting, mainly the application part. It made me think about all the types of classes at UCI that I could take if I had the time and money, just for pure enjoyment or to further my reservoir of knowledge.

After class, we toured some of the campus and grabbed lunch. Mmm, panini. And then we headed out to Japan Town and walked around at all the neat little stores. Some art places totally inspired me with their random art styles. So cool. And then we headed to Griffith Observatory, which took an hour through traffic. Crazy! LA is too intense sometimes with its “no stopping in intersections” and pushy people and brave pedestrians who don’t have the right of way and 6-way crosswalks and unprotected left turns and OMG ALMOST DYING: We were at a stop light. There was one car behind us. Suddenly, I hear a screech of tires and look back to see a cloud of smoke and dust. The car behind the car that was behind us was skidding to a stop, almost crashing into the car in front of them, and thus, into us. That would have been a nightmare, but was luckily avoided. At the Observatory, I learned that I weighed 0 lbs. on Pluto (though irrelevant, because who needs to know what they weight on non-planets?) and about pendulums and got to see all of the lights of LA. Pretty neat place to go and think.

Finally, we headed back around 6:00 p.m. and managed to pick up Charleen and deciding to go to In N Out, though these one way streets are all confusing and we had to circle around a bunch of times before making it in the drive-through. And then we found our way to Loraine’s place, but the old couple wouldn’t let us park there because they were evil. It was awkward because they kept watching us through the window rather obviously. We said we were going to leave, I don’t know why they had to make it awkward (even moreso when the old lady just opened the door and stood there watching us). But poor Loraine was sick, so I was happy to be able to see her before heading back and not missing Community and Perfect Couples! Watching with Alan and Charleen and Perry was a lot of laughing out loud for real (ALOLOLFR)…but before I knew it, I had to head back home because of school on Friday.

So I bid adieu and headed back. I was freaking out because it was night, but luckily, the directions to the freeway were actually straightforward and made sense. So I was home-free and it only took 1 hour! Fun times, but now it seems like so long ago…

I found out my enrollment window for next quarter, and I already planned out my schedule. It seems I will have class every day AND 16 units. NOOOOOOOOOOO…this will be the hardest thing ever…HA, I sound so spoiled…But anyway, I’m super excited to start the new quarter, even though I still have to get through finals. This always happens: I get so excited that I start to fantasize about the new quarter, when I still have much to finish in this one. Patience, child.

And finally, I will have time for a haircut this Sunday. I may try something new…stay tuned. I feel like I’ve forgotten to mention a few things, but I guess I should head to bed now. If only there were more times where I can just sit down and write up a nice, long blog. Well, until next time, lovers. Happy almost Valentine’s Day.

~ by Btab on 12 February 2011.

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