The People’s Choice

It’s times like this when I realize how lucky I am sometimes. It’s times like this when I realize that my priorities are disordered. It’s times like this when I realize how supportive/funny/awesome my OMFG family and Facebook friends are. It’s times like this when I realize how amateur celebrity stalking is really one of my hobbies. It’s times like this when I realize that I still think it’s summer. It’s times like this when I realize that I really can’t get away from blogging because the whole day was just so epic.

And so, let us begin…there are pictures on Facebook for supplement…not to mention, my face is all over the Internet! HAHA.

I think sometime during the end of November or early December, Shannon approached me to be her +1 to the People’s Choice Awards 2011, as she was invited to be a seat-filler. At first, I didn’t even think about it…it was my second day of classes, I couldn’t just skip! But then remember when I ditched class to go to H4H with Olivia Munn? Yeah, I vowed that I shouldn’t pass up opportunities given to me just because I had class. This sounds bad…but whatever. So I said I’d be glad to go! And that’s when it all went down. She forwarded me the email and it was really intense and strict about dress code and what you could bring. They said absolutely no cameras and no talking to famous people. But everyone broke those rules, as you will read later. Anyway, we didn’t really speak of it (because I had finals to deal with) until the last week of December and the last week of break.

And then it caught up to me. School already started, but I only had school on Monday (and tomorrow). Lab was canceled on Tuesday, I had no class today, and of course, I ditched yesterday. Shannon picked me up at 12:15 p.m. and we headed to the LA Convention Center, as we had to be there at 2 p.m. We got there at around 1:20 p.m. and there were already a bunch of people waiting there, most dressed nicely, one girl with a giant panda head on. So we parked and followed the crowd, where we got into one of many lines in the large parking structure. It was all pretty confusing and all we got to eat was a bag of Cheerios  because we planned on getting lunch there but couldn’t. Time passed by pretty slowly; there were people with red wristbands for the Red Carpet and others with purple wristbands. We ended up being the last line that wasn’t escorted to the Nokia Theater and we were waiting a long time before they told us we needed to check in to get a purple wristband. But we were still waiting for a long time.

I think around 3:15 p.m., we started moving and we walked past the Convention Center and the Staples Center and got to the Nokia Theater, where they were checking bags and had a metal detector. I was worried they would turn me away and make me go back and put the camera away. I hatched ideas about how to hide it in my beanie and put the beanie in the boxes to the side. Or would they confiscate it and then let me get it after the show. But anyway, I sandwiched it in between my phone and my wallet and slipped through. I thought I was all clever, but they probably didn’t even care. There was a long line down the hallway inside before we got in. It actually started moving pretty quickly and they were handing out tickets, stopping a few people in front of us. And then we were all worried that they’d turn us away when we were so close. But then they handed us tickets.

We were way in the back, where the seatfillers go, where the cameras don’t shine. But we were pretty ecstatic that we actually made it into the theater. It looked so nice. We watched them practice the dance that was shown at the beginning of the show (certain people were designated to learn the dance and move to the front and whatever, I don’t really understand) and then our row was suddenly chosen to go somewhere else. And as we were walking, we were freaking out that they put us in the 9th row on the right side with a bunch of other people. We sat there for a long time, kind of hungry…kind of nervous…the people working there seemed so stressed out and they were moving people around all the time. This was all before 5 p.m., but soon the Red Carpet started. Around 5:45 p.m., people were coming in and then we got kicked out of our seats by the then-unbeknownst-to-us “Single Ladies Devastation” viral video award winners.

So we got pushed up to row 3, but all the way in the corner, so nothing was viewable. We were sad, but then still pretty grateful. Soon enough, we were kicked out of our seats, and to our devastation, they moved us all the way back to where we were in the beginning. But they put us in the section where we would be first to know if we could be seat-fillers down below. A little before the show started, we were taken down to the front again. But one of the guys was yelling for the others not to send more seat-fillers down. It was chaotic, because there were people everywhere. And that’s when we saw our first sightings. I saw Cat Deeley (hostess of So You Think You Can Dance) across the rows and then Lisa Edelstein (House) walked right in front of us!

We were in the zone. And then the unthinkable happened. They sat us in row 2, in the center, right in front of the performance stage. Even crazier, I don’t know what order, but Ashley Tisdale walked right in front of us and then sat down. I was already shaking, but it got even worse. Sightings also included Malin Akerman, Taylor Swift, Aly and AJ Michalka, Neil Patrick Harris, Zac Efron, the Kardashians, Conan O’Brien (he just walked by and it was so awesome) and Katy Perry. I was really nervous just because they told us we couldn’t take any pictures or talk to anyone. But AJ took Shannon’s seat, so she had to leave and find a seat somewhere else, where ever there was an empty spot to sit in. The show soon started and we were all dancing and stuff and then Elton John came out and then Taylor Swift got her award. It was almost surreal how close I was to these people, and not behind some kind of protective layer between us.

I started noticing people taking pictures, so I guess they were fine with it. That’s when I started doing the same and taking all those blurry photos haha. It’s also where I was told I am on television! COOL! Conan O’Brien, Jennifer Aniston, Adam Sandler graced the stage. I think this is where the first commercial happened. Or a few of them. But people started running towards the stars, mainly Taylor Swift and crowding and getting photos. I saw some girl handing out business cards to all the stars and then Taylor Swift was crazily signing everything and when the girl handed her the card, she signed it halfway and then the girl told her it was for her. HAH So lame. And then I got to sit directly in front of Selena Gomez’s performance with all the smoke and confetti. Ashley Tisdale and Aly Michalka started complaining that it was all in their hair and their lessers (Tisdale’s mom and AJ) had to pluck it all out for them. Generally, the two of them seemed bored and unenthusiastic about everything.

Afterward, Ashley Tisdale’s mom had to take my seat because Queen would have to sit in between NPH and Ashley for the next segment. Before I left, I had to take my seemingly only opportunity to get a picture with Ashley and Aly. So I went up to them, asked them for a picture, they said yes, and then I wished them luck on their nomination, and they said thank you, and then I caught up with Shannon and we found spots in the middle of the theater. Decent. We stayed there for Jane Lynch’s win and then during commercial, we moved back to the front, where the seats were empty again (Ashley and Aly went backstage to get ready for their bit and Ashley’s mom and AJ took their seats). So we got to sit up front for Taylor Swift’s presentation to Johnny Depp (awesome).

During commercial, and I don’t know why this is so awesome to me, but Leighton Meester was walking to go backstage and I called out her name so I could get a picture of her and she looked at me, paused, waved, and said hello to me. She said it so sweetly too. That’s almost as if I talked to Blake Lively secondhand. Awesome. We got to stay up there for the “Creeping up on the Kardashians” bit, and then Jim Parsons and Miranda Cosgrove presented an award to Zac Efron. JIM PARSONS. YES. I no longer need to cry over missing the Big Bang Theory Comic-Con panel. Oh, and Kaley Cuoco was presenting an award up there sometime around here too, so that was double awesome.

Ashley and Aly presented the Season of the Witch sneak-peek, and then we knew that we’d have to move again when they came back. Then Taylor Lautner walked past and then came Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart; Minka Kelly and Leighton Meester presented and then Shannon and I decided to squeeze into the same seat because that dastardly mom of Ashley Tisdale took my seat. We stayed there for the Kid Rock concert, but then some guy told us to go to our seats. So I left to go find a random spot, which I did, several rows behind where the Kardashians were. This is where I stayed for the rest of the night (probably 20 more minutes) because the old ladies next to me were cranky that all the kids were running around (they didn’t know that people were trying to get autographs and pictures). Nothing exciting really, except Katy Perry won, and then Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher were on stage. And Shannon is on television when they do the whole Twilight bit and when they won and such as she was right behind them. Cool! Oh, actually something amazing. I thought I saw Lyndsy Fonseca (my new lover (Kick-Ass, Nikita)) walk past me (or I saw the side of the back of her head or something) so I tried to get a picture of her that turned out bad, but it was later confirmed that it was her. Sad I missed out, but still so awesome. We breathed the same air!

When Queen closed the show, the celebrities were already gone and I met up in the front with Shannon and we were all herded out like sheep. The drive home was spent spazzing out and I got home at 9:30 p.m. (we once again forewent eating to get home as there was no traffic on the freeway surprisingly), so there was still an hour and a half to watch. I got texts from Ryan and Eileen saying they saw me on television, while we were heading home. And my sister called me saying she and my parents saw me and were so amazed. There was no close ups of me that I saw when I got home, but when the camera panned, I always saw my gray beanie right there behind the luxuriousness that is Ashley Tisdale. Spazzed last night, spazzed this morning uploading photos, and spazzing right now reminiscing through this post… Thanks Shannon!

There’s probably so much that I did not recall in this post. But it was so much greater than I thought it would be…I had semi-low hopes at first because of all the happenings, but when it all went down, it was so amazing and I was washed away in all the glory. It was like Comic-Con and movie premieres in a way, but it seems so much greater (and much more free than SDCC) in a way I can’t explain. Maybe “greater” is the wrong word, but it was definitely a unique experience. I would relish another chance at this. And now, my repertoire of celebrity stalking skill has increased!

If only my resume looked this good. I gotta snap back to reality now for school tomorrow.

~ by Btab on 6 January 2011.

One Response to “The People’s Choice”

  1. A bunch of us were in the chat room and we were watching it just to see if we could spot you. You made the whole show much more exciting. It was like playing Where’s Waldo with live TV. Next time, you should wear a red and white striped beanie for the full effect!

    Oh, and you said they didn’t have any close-ups on you, but if you’ve still got it on tape, there were 2 really good shots of you. Once behind Ashley and AJ at the beginning, and then another maybe 20 minutes later when you were in the row behind NPH. It was almost like they were filming you for those 4 seconds. And Peaches said you looked cute! It doesn’t get any better than that man. 🙂 Congrats on your fun day.

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