The New Year

I think I am partially back from my brief stint away from the Internet. I desire to blog, but there is just so much to say. Have you missed me? Do I miss you? What is the meaning of life? I don’t really know where my winter break went, and neither do you, seeing as how I have not recorded anything online about the last 2 weeks of my break (except those photos that are now on Facebook).

So I had to make a big deal internally about deactivating my Facebook because I wasn’t really sure if it would work at all. Naturally, all I had to do was to not save my passwords for Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, my blog, and Olivia Munn’s blog (the latter of which is still down for upgrade sadly). And it worked. Though I did feel the desire to go on these sites, seeing as how they’re bookmarked, so I just click on it by default. I ultimately came back for a couple of reasons. I got an e-mail about “my 2010 in blogging”, where it summed up all my notable activity on WordPress, and it made me all nostalgic. I also would like to get back to blogging, anyway, because it’s fun. I just won’t have a set goal. I also wanted to put my stuff on Facebook because it really is a nice collage of a small part of my life that I would like to look back on. There really is no need to deactivate, I just won’t save my password and won’t go on unless I get an important notification. It all works magically, really, because I have weaned myself off of it. As for Twitter, I never really went on all too much because I can’t get live updates on my phone, so it can be hasslesome at times. I’m scared about Tumblr, I kind of want to stay away…but it’s so addicting and I learn so much.

Why did I get offline, you ask? It was a mixture of things, really. I think I would like to say that it was because I wanted to see if I could actually stay off these social networking sites (granted, it was only winter break, so it was a little easier). It was also because I was kind of sick of it, but I wanted to stay until my birthday so I could finish my blogging goals. But after that, I was kind of free to stay offline. I also felt like being on Facebook was just a downer, a waste of time, a nuisance that only made me sadder and made me lose my attention. And now that I’ve learned not to always go on, I figure it can be a good thing.

What did I do over break? I’ll try to recall, but seeing as how I don’t record my daily routines anymore, I feel like I should carry around a camera everywhere and just take pictures. Yay! Good plan. Anyway…I think a lot of break was spent playing Mario with the guys, hanging out with the certain accessible crowd, and going on mini-outings. On the other spectrum, it was cold and depressing, and I had a lot of time to think and reflect, as usual. There’s so much stuff. Just stuff. Good and bad. Also when alone, I would watch a bunch of movies I’ve wanted to see; I started with 2010 and then went back to 2009. Maybe a good 20 movies that I finally got the chance to watch and there’s only like 10 left on my list from late 2010.

What am I up to these days? I got dreads, ear tapers, tattoos, learned French, became Australian, and I’m rich. None of those things, really, but I strive. I have a bunch of resolutions to look forward too, and the year has just begun! It’s like a new life, really. Maybe I’ll get into those later. It feels like I haven’t forgotten how to write, so that’s good news. It’s just like old times…like 2010! But anyway, this facade of happiness is wearing thin. I have a lot to think about, so off to do homework and such. Yeah, it’s the first day of school and everything…

~ by Btab on 3 January 2011.

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