The Downtime

The "Oh...nothing..." face.

Guy time at Alan’s! Naturally, that means continuing our New Super Mario Bros. adventure. This time, it got really intense down to the last minute and now, the middle of my inner thumb is bruised and swollen.

After dinner, my mom wanted to go shopping for shoes at the mall, so I had to sit through that to get some groceries and gas at Costco. Who knew Cathy Jean was a shoe store?

All my downtime has been given to watching all of Monster Rancher, and I’m almost done, so I’ll be pretty sad soon. But that also means time for other stuff that I actually could be doing. I guess I can’t really start my desired art project until after Christmas when I can get some money for canvases and paint supplies. I should find a cheaper endeavor. But anyway, I feel very organized right now. I got most of my shopping needs done for Friday and I got plans for the rest of the week, so all is well.

~ by Btab on 13 December 2010.

One Response to “The Downtime”

  1. costco ❤
    how i missed it so.
    you are painting? what?!

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