The Crabby

The "I'm behind schedule, chi" face.

I went shopping today for my thing on Friday. And I accomplished nothing. I feel like I’ve forgotten how to throw a decent party and throwing a party on a low budget really sucks. But anyway, I will forgo all Christmas decorations and hopefully buy enough cider for everyone. Since this ain’t not adult party, I feel like food comes low in priority, so whatever. Y’all can survive off candy canes. That took all day. But now I have to go shopping round 2 and actually buy stuff this week. I feel old stress coming back on reminding me why I stopped planning stuff. But it’ll all be worth it when I see all (most) my friends together in one spot!

And home for two crabs for dinner. Yum. Haven’t had that in a while, so it’s always a nice treat. Luckily, I have nothing to do but watch some shows, play some games, and maybe finish an art project this break. I figured out all my resolutions for the coming year, a lot of which I can’t really start until the school year, so that’s on hiatus. There’s a lot of old stuff on there, but some different things. I’m trying to approach it differently, seeing as how a lot of stuff fell through…so I want to start fresh and try new things and ways to change myself. It makes me all excited and jittery inside hehe.

~ by Btab on 12 December 2010.

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