The Distracted

The "Oh what studying does to me" face.

I’ve been reflective lately (because my mind wanders while I’m studying for finals). Or was it because I was reading something…I don’t remember. But anyway, life is short. I need to take more advantage of it. LOLOLOL. Okay, we will see. It’s just this feeling I’ve had lately.

But anyway, I’ve just been studying, procrastinating, being distracted, …mainly by Killzone 2 and Monster Rancher. Both have been my main focuses while I want to take a break. Okay, my breaks may be long, but I need to relieve this high stress I feel. Sheesh, today’s already over and now I only have one more day to study for Bio. Fail. I’m resigned to my fate, kind of. But I just need to pass this class.

Nothing new to report, though. Finals week just means that I let myself go for a whole week and go all emo and filthy…and then I just pray for the day that comes and I am free for winter!


~ by Btab on 4 December 2010.

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