The Photocopy

The "I look like one of those creepy pencil-topper trolls" face.

I am behind on studying, so I was going to get up early to catch up, but then the bed was so warm, I couldn’t bring myself to leave it. So I just got up for lunch at the UTC with Amadeo and Gerard. In N Out craving: quelled. And then I met up with Akash to photocopy some papers and ran across a dilemma where I put $1 into the machine and got $1.40 change. Hmm…it bothers me still. Walking on campus on a Thursday sure has a different vibe to it. Since normally, I stay home on Thursdays, I kind of like walking around in the middle of the afternoon, which I normally never do because I’m stuck in classes or going home. But I like it. I should do it more often. It invites much more people-watching opportunities. Until you spot someone watching you…

On my way home, I honked at someone and held the horn down. It’s always so fun to go horn-happy…and the poor (yet wretched) soul (who should not be on the road) flipped out and swerved back into their lane. Because seriously, who turns into a lane that’s merging with another lane? That increases the odds of accidents. And this person was merging right into me, so it was intense. I always await moments where I have to deal with horrible drivers and then get to honk at them. But my horn is a baby-horn, so I can go crazy with it many times and not seem like I’m road-raged. But one day…when I install an awesome horn (one that I wanted since 2007 for my car, it’s a low-tone FIAMM or something (back when I had money equivalent to my ambitions (or almost enough, because I quickly learned I couldn’t afford all the shnazz I wanted to trick out my car into a batmobile))) in the future, it will be mayhem on the roads. Speaking of which, I feel the need to paint my car matte black. So legit. And then I can get Batman race car seats, etc.

But I digress– back home for studying, now until forever. Finals week is creeping up pretty fast though, so I hope I make through it alright so I can fulfill my winter break plans and get back on track for next quarter.

~ by Btab on 2 December 2010.

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