The Thanks Were Given

The "Well, now that Thanksgiving is over, I can get ready for Christmas" face!

I finally got to celebrate Thanksgiving today! Not that any family holiday gettogether is any different from all the others. But still, it’s nice to see family. Of course, it was just Asian food and ham, but that’s okay too. We went to one of my aunt’s house this time and I just played with the cousins, random board games and the like. Oh, there was an arts and craft time and I was pretty up for it, so naturally, I wanted in. Everyone was decorating wreaths, but I spotted an awesome miniature sled, so I grabbed it and put a bear on it and some mini-presents. HAHA. So legit.

And then my uncle took me and cousin Matthew to the Block, a nearby shopping district. There was nothing to buy because a lot of sales ended, but it was hilarious watching my uncle brazenly hitting on women. Awkward, slightly. But dang, I really have to applaud him because he was so brave and confident. But then again, his standards are much lower than mine because he’s “getting old”.

Back to the house and I was getting a little sleepy. But I found out my sled won first place, and I got $5 out of it. Yay, I can afford lunch on Monday. But tomorrow is leftover day, YES!

~ by Btab on 27 November 2010.

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