The Black Friday

The "Hey, where's Perry" face?

The "Hey Ferb, what do you want to do today" face?

The "Good movies have completed my collection" face. Done buying movies (until a new movie comes out that's worthy of being in my collection).

The "Holy Batman, these batarangs are bad-ass" face.

What a great day for me and my shop-happy self. It started out bad, though. My sister woke me up at 4:30 a.m. to go to Target by our house to look for the $8 Lord of the Rings Blu-Ray trilogy set (originally $75). It was 40 degrees outside and inside, it was crowded with greedy people that looked so awake (I was still groggy). Carts were filled, the checkout line snaked throughout the entire store…and they sold out of trilogies. So we went to Wal-Mart and I waited in the car while my sister went in to get Boondock Saints ($10) for me. First success. She said it wasn’t that crowded, so it was quick, though there was still no parking to be found. And then we went to another Target that was smaller and not even close to crowded a little farther from home. But they were still out of the LOTR trilogy. So we went to the next Target, which was a new mega-Target that had 4 copies left. But when we got there, my sister grabbed the last one just in time. We looked around for a little, but I withheld from getting all this nice stuff that was on sale (awesome game chair 50% off, some cool shirts for $7-$12). Second success!

And then we went back home at 6 a.m. because my sister and mom wanted to go shopping together before my mom had to go to work. So I went to play some Killzone 2 and fell asleep watching some episodes of Avatar. They got back at around 8:30 a.m. and then we went to the Shoppes at Mission Viejo, the nearby mall. Last time I went, there was nothing really. But it was pretty crowded today. I went directly to Express to browse (though I shopped online earlier in the morning and found the perfect hoodie I wanted). There was really nothing that appealed to me, even though the entire place was 40% off until noon. Their outerwear is always nice, but always over $100, which is ridiculous in my current fiscal position. But I found the last gray hoodie that was small, so I snatched it up. $50 originally, down to $32, which is a steal for me! And I finally signed up for an Express Credit Card (which made me realize I haven’t gone shopping all year, since before I turned 18!). Third success!

And then we went to the newly-opened Disney store, for I haven’t been to the mall since before it opened. And I knew what I was looking for. 19-inch talking Perry the Platypus, originally $17, on sale for $10 + 20% off. I almost died when I found this out. I wasn’t so rushed if they were gone though, because online is the same price. But there were still a bunch and it was still early. The line was crazy-long and the store was small. There were children everywhere haha. You know, in my entirety, I’ve never bought anything at Disney Stores (the other mall has one that has been there since my childhood) ever– until today! And my sister got me Phineas and Ferb mug, originally $9. I love it! We were gonna get some giant plushes, originally $50, on sale for $25 + 20% off. That’s a ridiculous price! But I withheld because I didn’t really want anything except the Perry. Fourth success!

And then we went to American Eagle, and also got some free Windows Phone shirts from the Windows store. American Eagle was only 20% off, unfortunately, and things were still expensive. They did have fingerless gloves for $5, and although I’ve always wanted them, I realize that I wouldn’t really wear them that often, so I didn’t get them. And then we went to H&M, where they had some really good deals on jackets. I tried on a bunch, but found a nice one that was my size (stupid small people buying errthang up in herr), originally $70, on sale for $20. They also had a bunch of other hipster clothes I wanted, but they were too expensive. So I didn’t get anything else. But I’m so happy with my purchase! Fifth success! And we went to Old Navy, Build-A-Bear, and FYE, but nothing worth buying there.

And so we finally went to go eat lunch. I think it was around 11:30 a.m. by the time we got home. Ah, a good day just got better too. My package finally came and I got my Avatar Collector’s Edition Blu-ray and my batarangs. The box for Avatar looks so nice inside…ayyyyyyy. And damn, my batarangs are so legit. They’re sharp too, so I must be careful when I put them on display. Sixth success!

I think it was the most successful Black Friday I’ve ever had, though I think I’ve only been shopping like 3 Black Fridays. I’m not that intense, not enough to camp out, or go buy televisions, or anything like that. I go for clothes over electronics, haha. My savings make me feel much better about all my money spending ways, though. I’m gonna try to wait for Black Friday every year before I go crazy with my spending. But I still have a Christmas list. I’ll post it later for everyone…and those of you who are feeling generous can feel absolutely free to buy me anything! c;

After lunch, we watched Brokeback Mountain, but then I fell asleep around 3 p.m. and accidentally didn’t wake up until dinner at 6:30 p.m. But I felt refreshed! And then I watched Avatar with my mom (dang, I haven’t seen that for 11 months), and it was just as good (if not better) than I remember! Such a great film…sigh…And now I have homework that was just assigned. Thanks for waiting until the weekend to assign it, bitch!

~ by Btab on 26 November 2010.

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