The Cold Turkey

The "Why is it still cold" face? Getting naked makes me feel warmer.

I’m going to freeze to death. Finally, classes ended, though. It seemed like a long day, even though I only had 2 classes today. I’m basically trying to get homework out of the way, but it’s kind of hard because the teachers haven’t lectured on the material yet, so I have no idea what’s going on. So…tomorrow, I expect to be working on some. And Sunday, I need to finish stuff up and start studying too. Ugh, I hate planning this stuff out (but then I feel urgent need to do it). Anyhow, not much happening today. I went with Kathy and Ryan to shop for groceries for tomorrow’s Thanksgiving breakfast (that is, a hefty, yet normal, breakfast on the morning of Thanksgiving). At least it’s break, and friends are coming back home!

I started looking up Black Friday stuff because I couldn’t help it. Apparently, many places are having sales all week, so I guess I should’ve gone early, but that’s okay. I plan to hit up the mall this Friday; I haven’t been there in a while and am hoping certain stores are going to have what I need.

Since I’m not celebrating Thanksgiving tomorrow, I hope I can just sit in with the heater on, naked under a pile of blankets (try not to picture it), probably playing some videogames; it’d be nice if we had some hard rain, and ideally– I want to bake a turkey! No, we never eat turkey for Thanksgiving. But in the future, when I am away from all this Asian influence, I’m gonna settle down and have a nice white-American meal. And bake a fucking turkey. Or a turducken. With bacon. Drooooool.

~ by Btab on 24 November 2010.

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