The BS Skills

The "Oh gee, I'm so ready for the holiday" face!

As a natural progression of consequences from last night’s endeavors (me watching the surprisingly lackluster American Music Awards), I feel that I did really poorly on my midterm today. But, it’s the final midterm (finally), and now I can relax for Thanksgiving! I don’t want to think about the test anymore, and I feel like I’ve ranted enough, and all I can do now is wait and hope for the best. short answer BSing skills, go!

With Thanksgiving week comes Black Friday week and sales all up and down this joint. I have so much crap I want to buy, and a lot of other crap that I don’t really want to buy, but may end up buying just because it’s so cheap. I was looking through my online purchases for the past year, and daaang, I made some horrid decisions. But I think it all balances out in the end with money I did save in certain occasions. And plus, I was a naive little child who spent money when he first cashed his checks. Ah, such where the days.

I saw Gerard today because she was studying on campus for a little. Other than that, I basically had a 5-hour gap because my classes were canceled (2 today, lab tomorrow, and 1 on Wednesday), so I was just lolling around doing nothing. And then I stayed for the Red Cross meeting, which was utterly useless except to gain active member points. Sigh.

But after my lab final next Tuesday, I get to look forward to the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. I’m very excite!

~ by Btab on 22 November 2010.

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  1. dude. sweet hair.

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