The Undesirable No. 1


Wow, I actually slept for a good 10-ish hours. Okay, who was I kidding, of course I was only going to wake up after lunch today. Nonetheless, I have just finished studying for tomorrow’s OChem midterm…so now all I need to do is review the stuff I may have problems on. And of course, television breaks. And I really feel like taking a game break. Speaking of games I’ve been playing, I’ve recently been addicted to Angry Birds on my sister’s Droid. I know that I am addicted because, not only do I try to play it every chance I get, I’ve begun to dream about it and think about flinging round birds at wood/cement/ice and pigs. SOO FUN.

Speaking of dreams, I haven’t talked about dreams lately, because I just don’t remember enough of them. But I had a multi-dream last night, and I remember a distinct part of it (it’s not the most exciting or important, but it’s the part I remember most). I was Frodo (or some other important hobbit) and after I just saved the world, I had to sneak into a CIA building in the design of a hotel. And I had to explain to Sam et. al. that even though I saved the world, it still did not quench my desires. A hero could never stop saving the world. So I had to keep going. And there was knowledge I needed in the CIA database. So then I went in and had to disguise myself and do all this awesome super-agent work and the rest gets blurry but I remember it being some intense battle stuff. Sigh. I wish I could remember the whole thing!

Hm. I just got distracted and started Googling my past and current usernames on boards and forums. I don’t remember a lot of them, but it’s sometimes eerie how all the links all go back to you and your username for a specific website. I think I kind of miss going on a bunch of forums, posting a lot of shit, and then customizing signatures/fonts/avatars/etc. It was all so fun (and harkens me back to Xanga and MySpace page customization, not that I really miss MySpace). It also reminds me of my interests back then and how OCD I still am about everything. But anyway…I think I should find some random forums to go on and talk to a bunch of new people. PS OMFG is still the best family out there.

And last but not least, HARRY POTTER IS IN THEATERS AT MIDNIGHT! I’M SO EXCITED! Just kidding, I won’t be watching the midnight premiere, which I haven’t done in the entirety of the series, I think. I can’t really recall, but I know the first one was with my uncle, and then all the other ones with middle/high school friends. Now, college disrupts my traditions because I have responsibly decided to sleep so I can do well on the midterm tomorrow morning (well, at least if I do bad, it wouldn’t have been because of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part I (I get excited when I think about the “Part I” part because that means I still get to look forward to Part II)). So, hopefully I’ll be dreaming of Hermione and sleep-talking “Harryyyy Pottaaaaa” in my Voldemort voice. And I don’t think I’ll be seeing it this weekend (BUT YOU NEVER KNOW, I MIGHT GIVE IN) because I feel busy with Monday’s midterm and volunteering on Sunday for Thanksgiving. But when will I see it?! Next week for sure, because after that is busy, busy, poop! Tumblr’s tattoo blog is showing all these peoples’ Harry Potter tattoos and it makes me really want to get one. But it just wouldn’t be original and I don’t feel like I know the fandom well enough, seeing as I only own the first movie and have only seen a lot of them less than 5 times, and I’ve read the books once through. Sigh, the limits of my monetary and reading abilities. I remember I did try to memorize all the spells and wrote them all down and categorized them, if that counts. Oh, and I took a self-proclaimed authentic Sorting Hat quiz and got into Hufflepuff. BOO. Enough of my Harry Potter ranting, though.

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~ by Btab on 18 November 2010.

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