The One Month

The "Do I look like I just woke up? Because I tend to not want to study, go to lay down and get under a blanket because it's cold, and then rest my eyes for a little while" face.

I bought Avatar yesterday, and to get free shipping, I also FINALLY BOUGHT THE BATMAN BEGINS BATARANGS I’ve wanted for oh-so-long! I’m so stoked about the package, which will probably arrive next week– just in time to be thankful that I have an amazing movie to watch and some lovely batarangs. Now, everything else on my list is on my Christmas list…and then clothes next year!

You know, all my shirts are tiny on me now. This is what I get for going on massive shopping sprees and only wearing new shirts and throwing out old ones. They all just shrink at the same time and I have to go on another spree. It’s a cycle of destitution. But I like having a ton of clothes now– I remember way back when, when I only shopped at TJ Maxx (well, my mom did it for me) and I only had 3 shirts…and then all my other clothes came from Christmas. I actually realize that I have way too much clothes, but a lot of it is only for special occasions (where I will bust out layers of nice clothes) and a lot of it is seasonal…but I still have a nagging feeling like there’s always new styles to try out. Who knows, I can go all goth for my next wardrobe.

Ooh, shopping on Black Friday, too! I usually don’t end up buying anything, but it’s always nice to look. I think I usually just go to Target to check out deals on electronics and such. Camping out at Best Buy is too hardcore for me…and the mall is usually lame.

Besides thinking about that…I’ve been studying. I’ve been having the feeling that I haven’t studied at all, yet for some reason, I’m not stressing out. That tends to be a bad omen.

You guys! Today is officially the one month countdown until I’m finished with this 365 project– how exciting. And I forgot to celebrate the first birthday of this blog 5 days ago. So happy belated birthday, you beautiful blog, you.

~ by Btab on 17 November 2010.

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