The Roadtrip

The "Oh, hey school" face.

Now that I am awake and fully alert (just kidding, I’m still drowsy), I can tell y’all all about my weekend.

On Friday night, I headed over to BJ’s for Kathy’s birthday dinner. Mmm, barbecue chicken pizza. Just kidding, I hate barbecue sauce, but I’m not one to complain. Just kidding, I complain a lot, but I was hungry, so it wasn’t that bad. So as you all may not know, I got her a Munny doll and Sharpie’d it in the coloration of the alien from Toy Story (because that’s her favorite Disney character). Not surprisingly, she got 4 aliens that night. They were all legitimate except mine (yay, individuality!): large plush from Disney store, small plush from Disney store, plastic toy from Disney collectibles, and my glow-in-the-dark Munny one. I think it was Wednesday night that I spent doing it all. The antenna ended up breaking off (because school glue doesn’t work quite as well as craft glue on vinyl), but the rest looked nice. I used tape for the eyes because there was no way to have the white part not be glow-in-the-dark any other way. The colors matched up decently with the ones I had in Sharpie, but they weren’t exact. I didn’t want to pull out the paint and start mixing stuff though. I tried to wash my hands regularly as advised and go slow as to not mess up or smear everything and basically ruining the whole thing. For my first time though, it turned out quite nice. I’m gonna make that my “thing” now as birthday gifts. It makes everything much more original. It was really nice seeing everyone again, especially those I haven’t seen in quite some time. Afterward, Amadeo and I went to Alan’s house to eat something (of course, ice cream) and then go home to sleep early.

I woke up at 5:30 a.m. on Saturday to get ready for the drive up to Cal Poly San Luis Obispo for the weekend to visit Ryan. So I got ready, ate some raisins, and then went outside to put stuff in the car. Amadeo and I waited for Gerard, miss fashionably late as always, and then we actually headed out at a decent time…I think 6:30 a.m. Mix CD’s, singing, and laughing along the way. No traffic was nice on the 5N and 101N…we took a random exit off the 101N to get some directions. It was a silly little area where the only exit was getting back on the 101N hehe.

And then we decided to stop at Solvang, the Danish community of Central California. We were actually looking for Cachuma Lake for the casino, but we ended up staying there and looking around. It was like Olvera Street, where it looks like just a small area covered in Danish roofs and windmills. It felt like an actual child’s tale (a la Hansel and Gretel), where time just stopped, everyone was nice (they have 0% crime rate apparently), like a tourist destination where you can go, get lost in time, and just be happy forever. It reminds me of some episodes of shows or movies, but I can’t recall. It was almost surreal, but not in a euphoric way. It was more in an eerie way. We decided just to wait to get to SLO to eat, since it was only around 9 a.m. when we got to Solvang. I pooped there, and Amadeo and Gerard ate some fudge.

So we got back on the road to Cachuma to go find the casino. We finally go there and Gerard didn’t have any ID on her, so we spent some time looking for it in the car (a la last week’s Community episode), but the lady let us in anyway because Gerard had her student ID. We looked around for penny slots, sometimes nickel slots if we were feeling dangerous. And then Amadeo went crazy and did a classic dollar slot with the knob and everything. We didn’t spend much time there because they lost their money quite rapidly (I have no desire to gamble unless it’s bau cua tom ca)…so we left. And then we took a real pitstop to get gas. And we still weren’t feeling that hungry, so we just continued on.

The scenery was pretty nice after the Hollywood area. There was an area we wanted to open the windows, and that just happened to be the area where the reclaimed water smelled like rotten eggs. There were a lot of random things on the way that we tried to take pictures of, we got a lot of signs that told us how far away we were, cows and horses, vineyards and a legitimate pumpkin patch, a field of baby pine trees getting ready for Christmas, and the beautiful view of the beach with islands, fog, and pirate ships in the distance. It was intense because there were a lot of one-lane windy roads, so I was driving slow, but then got all stressed out when someone was behind me. But I’m so proud of myself for only accidentally almost veering into an 18-wheeler once because I was trying to take my sweater off. Everything else went pretty smoothly in terms of driving. It was a new experience and I was so happy when I got past the Highland exit on the 101N because that’s the farthest I’ve driven north.

We finally got to SLO around 1:30 p.m. and the wind was nice, the people were nice, and it was very serene feeling. Like a modern farm. We parked and there were sheep right next to the lot, lulz. So precious. And then we went to go drop our stuff off at Ryan’s place and then went downtown to eat at Firestone, which is the best place to eat apparently. The women were hotter than Hooter’s! It was a barbecue area, and as before, I hate barbecue sauce. BUT this is a caveat: their barbecue sauce was so good! It was thick and looked like molasses and tasted so sweet and not too strong. Mmm. After that, we went back to the apartment. I still wasn’t feeling tired at all, surprisingly. So we played some card games and drank Sprite/Gatorade to go along with the games (winky winky). And then we went for a small walk, but it was intensely windy, so we stopped by the game room and played some intense pool/ping pong/foozball. We got back and played some more games, listened to loud music, and had a ball of a time laughing. Until the CA’s came in and told us we were being too loud…or something like that. So that was a buzzkill…

Sometime after, I drifted off to sleep on the couch. And then I woke up and it was already Sunday. I was kind of hungry…and as we were about to leave around 12:30 p.m., the fire alarm goes off and it’s so annoying. As everyone was exiting the building, we said goodbye to Ryan’s roommates and then bye to Ryan as we put the stuff away in the car. I apparently over-packed because all I needed was another shirt and blanket. It seemed like a really short time we spent there, but it was exceptionally memorable for me! I had a great time and I wish I could go back more, but obviously, it would probably be a while (if ever), I would get the chance again.

On our way back, the three of us stopped to look at the view a couple of times. The beach is so lovely…And then we took a bathroom break at a random area that also felt like it was straight out of a show/film set. It was an Old West area that was only on the street. Everywhere around it was just normal residential areas. There was a Victorian spa that looked empty, a really old-school gas stop that was broken down and dusty, and there was a saloon also. We looked around a little to walk and stretch and breathe and then we got back on the road. It did feel like an eerie ghost town though where the people didn’t take kindly to outsiders so would slash our tires and then an old woman would hospitably let us eat and rest at her place and then shoot us in the face with a shotgun as soon as the sun set. But it wasn’t.

We got back on the road and then decided to go to Santa Barbara and got there around 3:30 p.m. We walked along and went to the pier and ate at Shellfish Company at Stearn’s Wharf, where we got calamari and (for my first time ever) clam chowder in a bread bowl. I fell in love instantly. It was the best clam chowder ever, if not too small a quantity. And for some reason, Amadeo and Gerard were fascinated with some couple we started watching. We found out it wasn’t a first date, and then we found out they were married, and then we found out she was pregnant! Ay ay ay! So after that, we walked back, and saw some dolphins along the way…

After, we got into some traffic and darkness and me yawning and getting tired and this was where some of the funniest memories were made (mostly from Gerard being hungry and delirious)…good times. We took the final pitstop to refill on gas and the rest of the way back home went smoothly. There were times when I thought we were close to home and thought I recognized stuff, but we were still a long way off. And then we finally merged back on to the 5S and that’s when I knew we were almost home! And I could poop and fall asleep.

Oh, what an adventure. I’m so glad I ended up going (though I may regret this when I have my test). There is not much more to say except that my friends are the greatest. Such a memorable first-ever roadtrip. It worked out so well!

~ by Btab on 15 November 2010.

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  1. that was a long blog but i loved reading it lol. and psh, and it wasnt because i was hungry and delirious… i was only like that the last 20 mins. im just simply the funny one brian 😉 but i have to say, on our way home.. lots of inside jokes were created hahahah. def a successful trip. next up.. catalina?!

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