The Pale Head

The "Did I just do that" face?

So the other night, I walked into the bathroom to prep for bed and there was a rampage of ants all over my sink. No, it wasn’t like there were in a line or anything like that. It was rampant chaos and I had to kill them all with my fingers and it was nasty because they kept coming. It was like hordes of darkspawn.

Anyway, on to the juicy. I signed up to volunteer today in the morning (because I’ll be pretty busy every weekend from now on, and you have to at least do one weekend volunteer event), but they never emailed me or called me about the details, so I don’t really know what happened. After my fury subsided, I went and took advantage of the extra time because I did wake up early. And…I decided to buzz my hair. I look completely shaved in the picture, BUT NOBODY PANIC, there’s still like 1 mm of hair left on the sides.
And it looks…interesting. I know. Here’s my story. I was doing the usual trimming of the sides so it looks neat and clean. But then there were some hairs sticking in the back that I didn’t want. AND THEN IT HAPPENED. Usually, I’m pretty careful and don’t make mistakes that I can’t just cover up, but this time was different. I went to shave it off, but forgot that there was no clipper on the razor. So there was a pure 1 mm rectangle on the back of my head. And I didn’t really know what to do because the rest of it was 6 mm. Ironically, I was gonna pretend to make a mistake just so I could buzz it all off, but I didn’t need to pretend. It actually happened. So I went down to 3 mm, which actually looks pretty decent, and then I had to go all the way down to 1 mm because you could still see the giant rectangle.
So here we are. At first, I was like OMG what the fuck did I just do. And then I went with it because hair grows back anyway. And I’ve always wanted to try cutting it shorter (I just happened to skip 3 mm straight to the 1 mm). I guess the next step is going completely bald one of these days. It’s kind of weird, but it’s not so bad after a while. I actually put it into a wolf-tail, and it’s not completely ready, but my Sokka-ness is almost complete. Although I did realize it will never look as good as cartoon OR movie Sokka. Cartoon Sokka has a nice geometric cut and a tan head. Movie Sokka has the top part more along the sides and plus, a makeup artist did his hair, and I’m so jealous of how good it looks. But my head has red spots and it’s pale and gross and misshapen. But it feels so nice! I just want to rub everything on my head. The water felt so strangely pulsating against my skull.
And then I shaved Dayzi (because she’s the only one with really long fur) down to 1 mm too for the first time. And she looks so cute! It’s a Schnauzer cut and you can see her cute little spots on her pinkish skin and she looks like a puppy all over again. It’s so cute, but the main reason I cut her was because of fleas. Giant fleas have been invading lately, so when I shaved her, they were jumping everywhere. Yeah, it was really nasty. But now I can see a lot and kill them. You have to pop their bodies and head too; if you only pop one part, they will still live and jump around. Yes, I bathed her. TMI, yes.
Anyway, I was all worried that my parents would freak out, which they are kind of, but just not to the extent that I thought. Unlike when I got a mohawk, where they told me to shave it off, I can’t really do anything because it’s kind of all already gone…So we’ll see, because there’s still a chance they will yell at me in the next several days. And they weren’t so mad about Dayzi either. They want me to shave her all the way, but she won’t let me, and I like the Schnauzer cut!
So, I don’t really know what to do with my hair until it reaches its full potential as a wolf tail, so I might wear a hat for the rest of the month…or something like that. It’s so boring seeing it the same way just with no hair on the sides. I need change!

Oh, yay for the wind! It always looks nice. And I’ve just been working on homework, trying to blaze through these tedious problems this weekend and all week before next weekend. Listening to Taylor Swift’s album is nice too. I’m getting used to it…I also changed my Pentagon of Actualization to a Hexagon of Actualization. Hehe.

I really want some new clothes! RIGHT NOW. No, next year. I need money. And then I could change my wardrobe.

~ by Btab on 6 November 2010.

One Response to “The Pale Head”

  1. haha i’ve done that too. wanted a clean fade, forgot i didn’t have a guard snapped on, ended up with a no guard shaved head. never did the sokka but if it ever happens again i’ll definitely give it a shot. maybe i’ll just give it a shot for the hell of it. looks good on you!

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