The Trampoline

The "Yeah, I wear my Superman hat when I watch Smallville" face. Fuck, I'm so hard.

I started planning my schedule for next quarter, so I’ve been stressing out about that. As always, it just looks so hideous because I’ve gotten so used to this schedule. So far, it looks like I still have Thursdays off, but I do have a class at 6 p.m., which is unprecedented in my college life. Again, that’s pretty inconvenient for a commuter. But I hope it all works out because this planned schedule is pretty much the best one for me. I can’t wait until Spring though where I won’t have to take Chemistry lab anymore (though I do have actual fun sometimes, it just takes up a lot of time). I’m gonna try to fit in more clubs next quarter (yeah, I say this every quarter), but one club isn’t working out for me and since trying to make friends in clubs isn’t working, I’m just going to try and do actual club stuff.

Screw this n0-shave crap, I really want to buzz my hair because the sides are getting unruly. I think I have time this weekend, so maybe I’ll try to fit it in in between homework. More good news: Avatar special edition Blu-ray went down to $25, so hopefully, this won’t increase in the next 10 days before release like what Amazon likes to do to trick its buyers. I was already happy that it went down from $36 to $30 and now $25 is such a steal, I want to cry. But I don’t want to get my hopes up, I’ll still buy it if it was $30 on release.

Last night, I was scouring DeviantArt because I needed some inspiration on my calendar work, and there’s so much gems on there. It’s almost too much and I spent many hours on there. But I got another idea that I think I can finish quickly. It’s a one-piece work, so I want to work on it soon. Ahh, it’s like I’ve already forgotten all the other projects I wanted to work on in the past. My calendar is going slow and I keep wanting to redo them (I have Katara, Toph, Mai, and June so far), so I’ll probably be done with everything for a 2012 calendar. No joke.

You guys. I’m so ashamed of myself. I’ve drunk soda all week because we have nothing else to drink because we actually ran out of things to drink. Well, water, but you know…nasty.I need my fruit juice, kids. Okay, now I’m just making excuses. But no more soda. Oops, I need to work out too. Actually, I need to update my Pentagon of Actualization again. It’s getting dusty.

PS I just wanted to officially declare that I FUCKING LOVE COMMUNITY. God, it’s disgusting how delightful this show is. It clearly surpasses all the shows I’m watching now. I want a trampoline.

~ by Btab on 5 November 2010.

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