The Opened Umbrella

The "Ah, safety of my home" face.

What a festive day in which I finally got to bust out my umbrella for the first time this year to the full force of the rain! As a precursor, I don’t know where I’m going with this full-on weather post, but I’m not gonna be all “Oh my gosh, I hate rain”, nor will I be like “Oh my gosh, complainers need to shut up, it’s just a little water, I love rain”, because both of those types of people (Facebook statuses) are annoying. I’m half and half.

Well, I had a few dreams in the night, all of which ended with me saying something about thunder, and then waking up to the sound of thunder, and then freaking out because the dreams merged with real life. It seems strange, but this happened about 4 times…

On our way to school, we decided to listen to Evanescence, which is perfect rainy weather music. Seriously, there was “rain” in a lot of the songs…Foggy glasses, pouring rain, and dark music. What a nice ride. Until we got off the freeway and were stuck in traffic because some fools got into a car accident because they can’t control their car in this weather.

So I thought I was going to miss walking in the rain because it stopped by the time we got to school, and then it stopped after my first class. But I was cozy indoors eating lunch, the rain started pouring down. Yay! And there was a lot of lightning and thunder along with that. I don’t recall ever hearing that much thunder in a row before as much as I heard it today. Exciting, but slightly frightening.

Well, the only downfall was that there is this awesome storm in LA County with hail and dangerous winds, but not here. That’d be cool to see. Unfortunately, as I’m trying to take my break from studying, those stupid warnings come on the television and conveniently mute my One Tree Hill. Rude.

I like the rain. But for the most part, I prefer sitting in the warmth and coziness of the house and watching it pour outside. Serenity.

~ by Btab on 19 October 2010.

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