The Inked

The "Is the world safe yet" face?

Well, yesterday, I went to go study Classics with Anthony at UCI, though I was distracted by my delicious strawberry smoothie. And then out to dinner with the parents and then back to Irvine for 85C Cafe, which was crowded. Of course, I recognized some people, teehee. So there was this sewage leak right in front of it and the smell was so horrible, I couldn’t pinpoint the smell at first. And then I realized it wasn’t the sweets, but poop! Like baby poop. But then I went home and my poop smelled the same, so I guess it was just diarrhea. And today was such a long day and now it looks cloudy and rainy. But I think I did pretty good on my Classics midterm. Stupid GEs are so much easier than my actual major classes. But I shouldn’t dwell on these things like I always do.

At the Red Cross meeting, we played some more games with our families (go Team KICK-ASS). So I went to go sign up for the blood drive this Thursday and it’s so intense. People are like grabbing at the paper for sign ups because there’s no clear line and it’s so awkward because the club is huge but the volunteers needed is limited. But I got a slot, so that’s just an excuse to be on campus on Thursday.

Other than that, I’ve  just been looking at more tattoo designs. I know I don’t want mine to be all profound, but I don’t want something totally rehashed. For sure, it has to mean something to me, it has to be hidden when I wear clothes, and I think it has to be small. Unfortunately, all the cool ones I want are sleeves that are giant collages of images that look downright amazing. But I’m juggling with a few ideas; however, my interests now may not coincide with my future interests, so I don’t want to get something silly, unless it really reminds me of my childhood and to stay youthful in the future. Decisions, decisions. I think I’m going to draw them out myself first as a prototype and see how they’d all look. Since I’ve started thinking about this more, I now notice a lot of people on campus with tattoos. None of them look that cool, but they probably have meaning to the owner, so w’ever.

I get a break from studying this week! Until Saturday. Whee!

~ by Btab on 11 October 2010.

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