The Rise of Rome


The "I love it when I wake up and my hair looks crazy/messy/bedheady, but I go to school without touching it" face. It actually looks relatively normal in this picture.


So I think I did poorly on my midterm, but I don’t really have time to think about it because I have to start studying for my next one on Monday. ‘Tis a hot day, but I luckily got to go home and get out of my jeans (and my faux-fur jacket that I brought in the freezing morning). I finished the last of the KBBQ, which, as predicted, lasted a week; I’m sad to see it go…Okay, now to delve into Rome!

OH. Seeing all these tattoos on Tumblr really makes me want to get one. But if I did have the money, I’d have to get one that was hidden, because apparently it’s unprofessional for jobs. Some look cool, others not so much. It just makes me realize that I really have to think about what I want to get. And then I want to use shoes as a canvas for drawing because then I can display what I draw/paint every day I wear the shoes (but I’ll wait until I need new shoes (self-control!))! Tomorrow, I’m going to shave my hair because I feel like it, and I kind of want to do a design into the sides. But then I don’t want to look too much like a hipster…or possibly an Asian gangster.

~ by Btab on 8 October 2010.

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