The Midterm That’s Really A One-Fifth-Term

The "I still hate studying" face?!

Ate lunch, got to school at lunchtime, tried to find a parking spot, finally found one, walk across campus to the library, library doesn’t have the textbook I need, walk back to my car, drive to Sandy’s apartment, find visitor parking spot far from her place, walk to her place, she has the wrong edition, attempt and fail the practice test, leave to find another parking spot after an hour, go back to Sandy’s but knock on the wrong door, go to Caroline’s for the questions I needed to study with, go back to Sandy’s and try to call in for visitor parking, they say we can only park one hour a day, go home, do questions, feel unprepared for test, die inside, eat comfort food.

And I need to go get gas because my poor baby is hungry.

~ by Btab on 7 October 2010.

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