The Random Occurrences of Today

The "I get to sleep in" face. Celebrate with me!

A collection of today’s random occurrences:

I just spent the last 4ish hours doing Bio Safety, even though I estimated it to take half the time, because that’s what the teachers said…But anyway, it was all very boring and I hope I never have to deal with any of it because I wasn’t really paying attention.

An update on my The Ants’ Lives story: today, I discovered them coming from a crack in the corner of my house, crawling up the wall and all the way across it, across 2 adjacent doorways, and down into the dog food. It was a massive feast for them, but not until Raid! came along, muahaha.

So I think I’ve freed up more time because I’m doing my homework ahead of time, as much as I can and want to do, and I have no school tomorrow (so I’ll finish up lab) so I can stay up later tonight…perhaps finishing more homework. But nothing’s ever for sure, and things can take up a lot of time, and before I know it, it will be time for my first midterm (yeah, it’s next week already (it’s more like a mid-midterm)).

My sister and I visited a Blockbuster in hopes that they were closing down and we could harvest its soul for all its good deals, but to my dismay, they were still open. Though it was empty besides one woman working at the register, working being a relative term. But I saw some awesome pictures made on the nice, expensive looking canvas that I will look out for from now on, just waiting for the Blockbuster to close down. And then I will strike…

Today’s people watching consisted of babies. Babies running around areas around school. Some people, like me, watch and smile (in a non-pedo way). And others, like bitchy-looking Asian girls, stare and scoff. A lot of babies everywhere though…I WANT MY BABY NOW.

Today’s inconvenience: I went to eat at In N Out and do homework, and I walked all the way there in the sun with my heavy stuff and there were no outlets to plug my laptop into so I couldn’t do my homework, all of which was online. So I just sat there starving, waiting for my friends. But Lee’s Sandwiches knew that all their Asian people needed outlets and Wi-fi, so they got the hook-ups.

~ by Btab on 29 September 2010.

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