The Bruised Back

The "I feel like an old man with all this back pain" face. How am I to get around campus tomorrow?!

It felt good to sleep in finally. I could barely get out of bed. Not that I was tired, but I am extremely sore in crazy places that make me unable to move. My lower back and gluteus maximus are on fire. So I’ve been sitting around, trying not to move that much, doing homework and catching up for tomorrow.

Oh my damn. I have so much homework, and it doesn’t seem to lighten up. It’s gonna get worse because I haven’t even gone to all my classes yet. I have a lot less time that I thought I’d have, and  I thought I’d get time for hobbies, clubs, hangouts, and trying to get ahead on studies. But I have much less time than I had last year, so I guess I could say I wasted time last year, while I’m looking for more time this year. It’s so rough and I’ve only had one day of school.

I just want to sit around and complain. Why am I worrying about so much so soon? I have a lot to think about…

~ by Btab on 26 September 2010.

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